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UNRWA Self-Learning Programme (SLP) for Palestine Refugees in Syria

The SLP has been designed as condensed and fast-tracked learning tools for children who have missed out on regular schooling opportunities

Photo of Gabriel El Khili .  UNRWA / EiE Specialist
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The UNRWA Self-Learning Program has been designed as an innovative, condensed and fast-tracked learning tools for those children who have missed out on regular schooling opportunities. In this context, the self-learning program, with its various learning tools (printed work-sheet material, on-line Inter Active Learning programme, DVD, UNRWA-ED TV),could be used in two ways: 1. as a set of support learning material for catch-up programs targeting students with reduced access to formal education; 2. as a structured program for self-learning to be adapted to the learning needs of out-of-school children. This certified program ensures that basic skills and concepts within the core subjects of the Syrian curriculum are delivered through a variety of interactive learning tools (as mentioned above). The self-leaning program is being implemented and adapted to the learning needs of PRS students in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. UNRWA self-learning approach has also been endorsed by Syrian national authorities and it is planned to be implemented for all Syrian students as an effective alternative education modality with further support and funding from UNICEF


The program has been implemented in UNRWA schools and learning spaces; it targets all school age children within the age range of 6 – 15 (grades 1-9). UNRWA self-learning program has also been endorsed by Syrian national authorities and it is planned to be implemented for all out of school Syrian students (millions) as an effective alternative education modality.


This program has been piloted and tested in Syria and the results showed that students who used the UNRWA Self-Learning Program has delivered better exams than students in "normal" schooling circumstances


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is committed to fostering the human development of Palestine refugees including provision of quality Education. The organisation is supporting more than 4 million refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and oPt


  • Yes, and we are implementing/operating partners of UNICEF or UNHCR.


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Congrats on this being today's Featured Contribution!

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Its an nice idea, is there a scope to get a valuable certificate that can be used for 10th,11th and 12th and in colleges ? How are you dealing with school pass certificate ? ultimately we need it for higher education. Is there a way to get a certificate by having a tie up with the educational board or with GED ? You can refer this idea for details and another point we need quality education so probably you can use the technology like skype to train the teachers and students, you can refer this idea and take a look of the links by logging into UNHCR educating girls, there are some valuable comments from UNHCR volunteers and innovation labs which may be useful for this idea in order to expand it to next level.

My suggestion is, if we can develop an international course, along with an internationally recognizable certificate, it will be gr8, probably if you/Unicef & Unhcr can work with educational institute for such an program it will be good. E-limu is an e-learning company that works in Kenya, according to their research it seems children have shown good results with e-learning, if we can combine all the org that develop e-learning course and if GED like org approves it, it makes a difference in these students life.

When you say about video based programs, now a days we need to ensure the security of the children as well, child abuse has increased, this has been a major problem for dropouts from school apart from poverty
probably you can add an additional program on this and cyber secure you can refer and if you find anything useful use it.

Please give your suggestions on how to improve this idea for encouraging more children to attend the school.

All the best!


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Congratulations on making it to the Refugee Education Challenge Refinement List, Gabriel! The need for fast-tracked learning tools was a need that we heard over and over in our research. It’s awesome that you have designed a program that has the buy-in of key stakeholders and that you have already piloted. We’d love to hear more about what you’ve learned through the pilot that you’ve run. Are there needs that you’ve identified that you would like to expand programming around? How you envision using the support of the Amplify Program?

Uploading a User Experience Map will also help us get a better understanding of how students interact with the program that you’ve created. Great to see you in the challenge!

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Congrats on making it to the Refinement Phase Gabriel! We would love it if you can take some time to answer the new Refinement questions that we've added to your original idea submission form. To answer the new questions, hit the Edit Contribution button at the top of your post. Scroll down to the entry fields of the new Refinement questions. Hit Save when you are done editing.

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Photo of Gabriel El Khili .  UNRWA / EiE Specialist

Hei there, I just published it ! but I have a problem to download a picture !!!