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Where there is challenge, there is solution.

As a community champion, my participation to this challenge has improved my way of thinking and bring people together to study a challenge

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Being called a community champion has been the most motivating title that I have ever got. It is always good to be in the lead of helping people to think together in order to get solutions to  a pending problem. 

Challenges in education in refugee camps, particularly in Kakuma is perceived as an impossible problem. When the challenge begun, I was among people who perceived our communities as incapable of assessing such problem. My mind has been changed by the first workshop that we conducted together with the manager of the Champion, In Country Community Manager Luisa Covaria, who trained us on how to engage people in conributing ideas. The ideas were so motivating that I could see the improvement in education field already.

The important lesson that I have got from this challenge is that there is no challenge that does not have a way to solution, only funding and a little support do miss. That is why I decided never to give up on any idea that will help my community, all I have to do is to involve the community.

My next step is to continue with an idea that I had before of offering little gifts to students top performers in my community, in order to motivate them to give much interest to their studies. I believe this might improve the education in Kakuma. Any kind of support is welcome.

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Photo of Luisa Fernanda

Thank you very much for sharing this story. How do you think your community was impacted by your work as a community champion?

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Thank you Luisa, my community was impacted in terms of desire to get involved in community issues. Before community members were used to wait for community leaders to react on their problems but now they understand that they also have a role in resolving their problems. For example, together with women in my community we have created a traditional dance group that involve young girls and boys. we believe that it is going to help our young girls and boys to grow up with positive values from Rwandese culture. We also talk about our communities problems such as water and sanitation. Thank you, Vestine.

Photo of Raisa Lim

Hi Vestine,
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your awesome story:)
I also agree with you. Through traditional dance, it also help the community to feel close to each other and build better relationship