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Through Inzone Learning Hub students made their community contribute ideas and stories Achieving their Goals.

Because it has come through the struggle of our professor Barbara moser who started training UNHCR interpreters and become the champions.

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Summary: As I am one of the Kakuma community champions,Before and after my goals was to do effective participation to the challenge by mobilizing the Community through using parents and teachers and elders in a positive manner and encouraging them to share their ideas and stories in a confidence way. My key strategy learning was about the use of human-centered design as a possible tool to solve the most uncooperative issues around the world. I got inspired to be one of the driving wheel of human-centered design. It allows someone to step into other people’s shoes to better understand how it looks like being in adversity situation.


In my previous achievement as am one of the Community Champions in Kakuma, I usually reach out through the teachers in primary schools who made their efforts in gathering as many parents and community elders including youth and encouraged them to share their thoughts and views relatively to the challenge. It involved planning and facilitating brainstorming workshops, taking notes and photos in order to share our findings on the OpenIdeo platform.


Throughout our meetings with community members, it was inspiring to see how people perceived the design thinking and human-centered approach. I could see many young men and women sharing their stories and ideas which is something remarkably done by the entire community members in Kakuma and there were dedicated to learn and explore how possible it is for them to be problem solvers of their daily problems. With the development of the User Experience Map people could realize how design thinking is important. It created a portrait picture on the possible directions to take in order to address their problems better and get to take action. As a result of our professor Barbara moser on her determinations, I become a tutor among the students who have managed to finish the basic course and at the same time use the available resources in the center to engage more interpreters into learning Hub while using human centered approach. This goes hand in hand with the passion I have of becoming a change maker by flourishing the idea of a human family or a global community. A family or a community where people care and love one another. A community with aspiration of maintain the spirit of learning and learning from one another.


As a community champion and as well a tutor from inzone learning Hub ability to collect their stories,views and ideas and i become self confidence of speaking freely in my community while the method of human centered design and also put forward the challenge of refugee education in kakuma.while also extending my efforts i and my fellow Community champions manage to attend the Vodafone training held at UNHCR compound which was part of the ideas and the stories we collected from kakuma refugee camp and it was a great need for the students and the entire community.


I have learned many new things such as the use of human-centered design to solve issues around us. I was also inspired by the fact that am to take the lead into innovation that doesn’t acquire one to be a millionaire or to receive funds from anywhere; instead by using the power of the community which I can help those who are venerable communities around us to be self-aware and as well be self-reliant. What I am taking away with me is the impact of human-centered design and the notion of empathy which are to me the driving forces that will enable me to develop innovative skills. With all that in mind, I will be able to help my community be self-aware and take a productive action in the whole society.


To be Honest with you, I would say that my fellow interpreters and the community there were not fully impacted. Why? Because they were not computer literate and also not so comprehensive of how they could be problem solvers to their own problems. On other hand, as a community ambassador I fully understand that this is my responsibility to continue impacting my fellow community members to open their insights by using human-centered design. I was personally impacted at an extent whereby I reach to be self confidence while using human-centered approach to make changes in my life and the lives of my fellow Refugees in Kakuma and the entire global community.


I think i should continue the initiative of me and fellow community champions and as well my fellow tutors engaging development of ideas and sharing them on the OpenIDeo platform for their feedback and as tutor i should encourage the interpreters to do their assignment and explain the important it has.They should also cultivate the idea of collaborating and keep reflecting on the previous experience received from different gathering. Leaving the floor open and encouraging everyone to share his/her thoughts is a behavior that should continue. I don’t think the idea of ECD innovators is that much embraced in my origin country but I would say that the future should be of creating many networks of ECD innovator in my home country.

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