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Tablets To Educate.

Modern Century where technology is highly in use so for the students in teaching them tablets could be the biggest positive impact.

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Technology can be used for improving education for refugees. Tablets are the source in creating value in learning process for them. It can help them learn things without any real need of books etc. where they can get knowledge online. 

This idea of teaching with innovation can reach the world population rapidly and also can make a huge difference in the way things are taught because the experience of learning will all together be a new way. 

Like we all know in today"s modern century to keep learning you gotta have new learning ways introduced cause after studying the same way for long gets monotonous for the people in the same way we can introduce tablets as a new source in making them learn.  learning experience can be changed by the help of innovation and creativity the same way we have thought to help tablets as a new source in teaching people in African region and as well where ever their is need of education where its hard to learn cause of unavailability of resources, educated people, money etc.  and also talking about the present and future aspects for them would be solved like in future the opportunities would rise and in which its overly better for all of the people. 

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Photo of Janak Radadiya

Hello Rahul
i really like this idea that you are trying to put in developing the future of the needy people. Keep the good work. impressive effort by you. hope i could something for the society like you people who are at least putting up the idea at work.

Photo of Rahul Savani

hello janak,
thank you for liking my idea. yeah thats true but you may have seen many people here on open ideo helps individual to generate idea after so much of research and help in coming up with such inspirational idea in helping the needy. this platform does help in generating idea and acting it when its demanded in life.

Photo of Irena Corona

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Photo of sunny patel

i like your idea about the tablets to help in education. now days everybody is going with the flow of using technology in development of education. its good initiative to proceed. i would wish to contribute in such thing in coming future.
thank you

Photo of Rahul Savani

hello thank you sunny.
i would love to see people taking up my story and starting something new on such platform to help in generating idea and applying it practically for them who needs.