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Students & Teachers !

This article tries to highlight the mindsets of both teachers and students.

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The most important thing while teaching is the mindset of a teacher as well as of the students. As these students are living in adverse conditions and in a negative environment it is very obvious to get bad response from students or they may have lack of confidence. This is the time the role of a teacher becomes important because he only doesn't have to teach the students he also has to understand their social and physical needs.

A teacher can do many things like a building a lively atmosphere in the classroom. They may also build healthy relationship with the students and ask about their problems and talk regularly to them to overcome their problems. Teachers can also tell them about some inspirational stories of people who came out of the adverse conditions and made it big. The main thing that can be concluded is to understand the psychology of students that will help the teachers to help those students the most.

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Hi Rahul,

This is a great post and i agree everything you've mentioned. I think teachers are not only seen as teachers but also as role models for the children. So teachers having a positive mindset will have a massive impact on students. My question is are these teachers have to be fully qualified or just have a good knowledge of the subject with a decent level of qualification?

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