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Satalite signal hope

Get education from contributors world wide through Satalite

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Reaching kids in Africa and in refuges areas is real major issue for most of the initiatives specially education. Design an education system based on “human centric” approach should be the main issue for any projects, initiatives and programs targeting kids in Africa and refugees areas world-wide. Along with Frugal innovation thinking we need to search the “best to fit” and applying the best we can for technology and contain the technology divide as well in the same time. In our initiative here we start with the lowest resources availability of setup and configurations for kids in Africa and in any refugee’s areas world-wide. It is a reality there are many kids in Africa and in refuges campaigns has no access to any technology or wireless connection including 3G telecommunication means. Even with those who has access to 3G wireless, they cannot afford smart phones devices and similar devices. Our starting point and the base model of this initiative is a kid who is absolutely has no access to any technology telecommunication system especially Internet “WIFI, ADSL and etc.”, 3-4G, our hope is a signal floating in the air from a Satalite!


Kids in Refugees areas and in some poor African countries , also can expand to be world wide to cover all languages and all regions

SKILL SHARE (optional)

I have over 24 years experience on IT , 19 years in Microsoft on building software , working directly with the headquarter of Microsoft development team. Managed team to release and sign off for Microsoft products for the Arab region. Managing QA , testing , development , partners engagements and etc.


I am based in UAE , working now with AL AHli group as VP for the ICT


  • Yes, and I am looking for a partner working with refugee communities to implement this idea.


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Hi Mr.Assem Hijazi,

I am Alamgir Khan part of PISE, and I would like you to have a look at our project ( , we are currently the only student body organization in Pakistan to have access to refugee camps. We have already carried out numerous projects in the camps and I would suggest you to visit our Facebook page for greater details on our projects (link in our IDEA project page).

Under the TEC project we are planning to develop an online platform (a central website) through which we will be able to link our various TECs located across country or even across continents. The platform will be used by volunteers to upload learning content and conduct session with refugees according to the dedicated schedules.

Look at your expertise in the field of IT, I would like to request you to provide us with feedback on our Central website idea and we would welcome you to collaborate with us on our Project since we do need an IT specialist to help us develop and maintain the central system. You can also contact me at to discuss the further details.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Alamgir Khan,
Director PISE.

Photo of Assem Hijazi

Sorry for the delay , It seems I do not get updates from the site
My email , please send me more information of what you need me to do for the web site

Thanks very much