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Safe Learning Environment for Refugee Children

Upgrading refugee child’s performance in school by providing lunch, adequate learning environment and open ground for play.

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The idea was generated in a HCD workshop led by OpenIdeo Team from USA, myself (Daniel) as one of the community champions and my fellow teammates: Vestine Umubyeyi, Hassan Bashir and Fartun Abass in Kakuma 2 Youth Center 3. Mama Fikirini is such inspirational woman who could take a lead in the process of upgrading refugee child’s performance in school. The idea is to work hand in hand with the sector of education in Kakuma in order to ensure availability of safe learning environment for refugee children. With this idea, it is believe that as long as we help a child to advance successfully at his/her youngest age; it will energize a child to keep on the right track of his/her educational journey. The reality is that many children have moved astray from their educational track simply because they lacked fundamental support.


Children like Fikirini who live in Kakuma, Kenya and who have no access to safe learning environment space.


To test in one month you could: 1) Find children who would not be sent to school for the fear of their safety and start tutoring them at home as Fikirini’s mother did. 2) Create a safe environment for them to learn. 3) See their increase in number and evaluate their educational performance. This way, one could test whether access to safe environment was the main barrier to pupil’s performance in school and the increase of children in school or if it was due to other hidden reasons.


We are sharing this idea as for us to get feedback from you. Then, we will be taking the feedback shared from here back to the community that originally conceived the idea and then refining it, so your comments are highly welcomed and much appreciated. We believe that with your feedbacks; we will be able to develop the idea! Keep in mind that refugee children are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, let us invest in them for the betterment of their home countries and as well as the future generation at large.

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Partnership with education stakeholders who are already operating on ground such as: UNHCR, LWF and WTK.


I work with JC:HEM as an Alumni Facilitator and I am also volunteering as an OpenIdeo Community Champion in Kakuma Refugee Camp/Kenya. I am indebted for OpenIdeo to come up with this challenge which serve to address issues related to education in the camp.


  • This idea is meant to inspire - I hope someone else takes it on.

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I like your approach Daniel and would be interested to see if this idea gets picked up. In Nairobi and Kampala we have generally found that schools are seen as a safe space to learn, but often it is after school and during the holidays when refugee children don't have safe spaces to learn. Often domestic situations make it difficult to do homework due to excessive chores or overcrowding and there may not even be a strong culture of learning in the house. Is this something you come across in Kakuma? We started community based safe learning spaces for this reason, but I understand the limitations you posted in your reply to Chioma.