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More Scholarships to Higher Education

Our idea is a service that tackles the problem of higher education by giving more scholarship to students who perform well in their studies.

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The idea was generated in a workshop led by myself, an Amplify Community Champion and my team-mates Daniel, Bashir and Fartun Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The idea is to identify students who excelled in their secondary studies, then try to find scholarships or sponsors for a higher education opportunity , and then distribute them among top performers.


The idea addresses the need of higher education as many refugees have all potential to study but their economic situation does not allow them to pay for local universities to continue their studies. The available scholarships in the camp for refugees are few comparing to the secondary school leavers. The idea is then to intervene by providing more scholarship to higher education.


People like Rahma who live in Kakuma Refugee camp, and is a high school graduate with a top performance would benefit from this idea


To test this idea we would: 1) Identify students who have finished secondary studies with an outstanding grade 2) Offer them scholarship to higher education 3) Identify how those who have already benefited from scholarship are impacting their communities


we have not yet received feedback on this idea but let us mention that the idea was structured during a workshop where many people were represented, like teachers, parents and NGOs officers with education in their responsibilities. We would then welcome feedback from all of our readers.

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Since the idea will be applied in Kakuma Refugee Camp, we would want like help from all education departments from UNHCR, LWF, and JRS.


I am a Community Champion from Kakuma Refugee Camp and I am working with my local community to generate ideas around the challenge and share ideas.


  • This idea is meant to inspire - I hope someone else takes it on.


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Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi. Thanks for sharing this idea.
How many universities are within the local area of the camp? Can one travel to these universities as a day student and live in the camp?
Do the universities have work study programs - where one can work to defer costs? Can a potential student work for an NGO that offers scholarships to partially defer cost?

Photo of Vestine Umubyeyi

Thank you Bettina, in the camp there is only one learning center which offers online diploma, other higher education scholarships refer to universities outside of the camp. It is impossible to work for an NGO and pay partially university costs as refugees are payed only incentives ( from 41$ to 72 $) per month

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

What is "incentive" pay? Is one working full time for the incentive? Are refugees allowed to have a job that pays a regular salary in Kenya?
Aside from scholarships - ( just thinking what else might be possible.......)
Perhaps one way to approach this is for a group to join together to start a business of some sort with the goal being to support each other's education. Work, save, and then study, or work and study at the same time? - all challenging but perhaps a path to a university degree? Starting a business I imagine is also a big challenge. Are young people that you know, in your group, or that you have spoken to during this challenge interested in entrepreneurial pursuits?
Is the price of a university education completely out of reach without some sort of scholarship for the average student in Kenya in general?

Photo of Vestine Umubyeyi

Bettina, Incentive pay is a kind of motivation that is given because refugees work only to help fellow refugees and the work is full time, this make the the price of university completely out of reach for refuges. Kenyans are safe because they have a regular salary. About entrepreneurial, things are more complicated as we are not able to save with the incentive pay. youth are interested in starting small business but also we are not allowed to access loan services in a bank as we have nothing to mortgage. Believe me we have discussed about all those possibilities.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Thank you for your reply Vestine.

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