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Life is a Song

Life is a Song aims at creating content that will make reading a fun activity for children and their parents.

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Reading is, more often than not, associated with passing exams. Our idea aims at creating content that will promote integrated learning as well as separate reading from exams. Currently, many children lack motivation to learn while resources to teach and classes are increasing diminishing by the day, our idea therefore, aims to create a forum that will inspire children to discover the treasure that is within them. According to a report posted on refugees come to the Kakuma Refugee camp for safety reasons due to war, famine, religious persecution. The camp is located in the desert, hundreds of miles from the nearest city. It is a place no one chooses to live, where very few people visit, where it is difficult to leave. And since children suffer most our initiative aims at changing the effects on children by; (a). Building the children's self esteem (b). Promoting creative problem solving (c). Promoting child to child learning (d). Improving refugee mentoring (e). Creating a strong bond between teachers, parents and children


The main beneficiaries of our programme are children, teachers and parents since children will be more inspired to learn and focus on doing the things that will enable them experience purposeful living. The children will also be able to help their own peers, siblings and parents to learn how to solve issues and challenges that they face in their daily lives at the refugee camp


Because this will be the first time we are going to engage with children and parents in a refugee camp we plan to pilot our idea by (a). Creating content (b). Conduct a survey via email with teacher, parents and children in order to refine content (c). Engage a group of 10 children in our pilot


Our reading initiative has had considerable feedback from Teresa Njoroge (Founder of Clean Start), Patty Liston (Standing with Boys), John Wollwerth and Tracy Hanson (Next Global Generation Education) who have had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with the children we mentor. Most of the boys we met in juvenile prison as well as children at Five Star Academy (Kangemi) and Dagoretti Girls Rehab have embraced a purposeful life and improved in their academic performance. Our creative approach in mentoring children by using what we have available has received positive response and we hope to build on this success by working with as many children and young people as possible. Last year, we worked with children in Baragoi and Samburu where we donated books, sew children's torn clothes and replaced buttons. We hope to receive feedback and contribution from experts on the ground. We have already initiated the process by submitting a survey that will refine our idea.

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I am a TV producer and creative writer who aims at creating a passion for reading and purposeful living in children as opposed to engaging in social vices that don't add value in their lives. As a TV producer my work impacted on the children I met and when I quit my job I founded Lifesong Kenya


  • Yes, and I am looking for a partner working with refugee communities to implement this idea.
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Testimonials from recipients of Lifesong Kenya Programme.pdf

This is what Sydney had to share about our involvement in his life after Lifesong Kenya met him in juvenile prison

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Lifesong Kenya aims at creating a passion for purposeful living, reading, creative writing, critical analysis of issues and purposeful living in children as opposed to watching too much TV and engaging in social vices that don’t add value to children. The club activities seek to empower and mentor children into responsible adulthood through mentorship, capacity building initiatives and reading.


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We are really happy with what Life Song Kenya is doing for our kids here at Five Star Academy. It is 5 years now since Life Song started working with our kids here through James Ouma. I personally knew James just as a new friend. Through him Life Song came in. our young boys and girls have developed an attitude of working hard however the limitations in their lives through Life Song Kenya. They have learnt that the situations they are going through are not permanent and that one day things will change – having positive view of what is happening in their lives is what is important…
Life Song Kenya through James Ouma has left a permanent mark into the hearts of these needy kids and I personally believe that one of their needs has been met…there are a lot of things we really need to help these kids but we need more of Life Song Kenya than ever.
…there are a lot of resources a school like this need but Life Song Kenya is more resourceful to us here than we can describe ~~Charles Edwards~~

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