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A very feasible, easy to monitor and sustainable way of earning through learning.

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• Our team will visit such communities in order to do situation analysis. • After having brainstorming session, a COMMITTEE of 10 people will be formed that includes most influential people, patriarchs, wadairas along with our trained teachers and mentors. • The COMMITTEE will shortlist suitable, adaptive, quick learner and moderately literate candidates. after conducting interviews. The teachers training on how to use our developed video lectures to teach through MOBILE with built-in projectors. Power Banks shall be provided to each teacher to keep mobile projector operational. • COMMITTEE will structure small sized class rooms using cardboard and hard sheets which enable teaching possible through MOBILE with PROJECTORS. • The COMMITTEE will divide students into group of 8 and task those trained teachers to teach those groups accordingly. • After 3 months, the best students out of those groups will be shortlisted and trained to teach junior students. These student-teachers will also be paid fixed stipend for their services in order to keep them motivated. • It is a recurring process which teaches every person within the refugee community to prepare them for real life.


As this idea is sustainable and easy to monitor, so it benefits every education system with any background but particularly designed to help displaced people learn to earn anything they can think of. This will definitely help in bringing smiles on the face of those displaced people. Moreover this idea will enable refugees to get them connected with technology and modern world.


We would test our idea by doing these three things: Developing small COMMITTEE consisted of parents and patriarch of 2-3 families. One of our professional teachers shall teach group of 8-10 students using our video lectures through MOBILE PROJECTOR for 15 days. After 15 days of teaching one of the students would be selected from the group to teach junior students what he had learned so for.


Our idea has been designed in consultation with one of our friend named ‘Muhammad Asfar’ who has diversified experience of working with underprivileged communities across Pakistan. He has great exposure in proposal writing and designing concept papers. He reviewed our idea and provided us with his feedback. • Our idea is adaptive to refugees displaced through conflict or war. • Our idea is easy to monitor and sustained through COMMITTEE. • Involving community people into COMMITTEE will create less hurdles in our path while execution. • Our idea provides earning opportunities to people which can be the biggest motivational factor. • This idea connect communities with technology and to the modern world.

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We have team of teachers, planners, executes and managers working with us. We bring more than 10 years of teaching experience in academia with special emphasis on integrating technology with education to make learning fun for students. We have worked 6 years with development sector to provide our services of developing more than 5000 academic video lectures which have been benefiting millions of students and few schools in Pakistan.


We are working in Pakistan. We are not affiliated with any organization.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.


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It is indeed a great initiative taken by Mr.Mudassar & co because with this they able to decrease the miseries of poor and displaced people who are living in pathetic conditions and suffering for basic necesties of life .I personaly feel it will help them to great extent so all the very best to whole team. Hassan Mahmood

Photo of Mudassir Mehmood

Thanks Naveen for your suggestion. We have mentioned in our idea that we shall provide power banks along with projector mobile.

Photo of Naveen Zehra

This is Naveen Zehra from Douglas Isle of Man. I was just going through different ideas. This idea is unique of its kind as it empowers children to earn money along with studies. The best part about this idea is its retention through involvement of influential people from such communities. This would make easy monitoring of this idea and ensure sustainability. Teaching through mobile projector is a wonderful idea which helps student as well as teachers to learn and earn money. This is a kind of flipped class concept which can best serve the needs of every kind of student. Later on video lectures regarding civic sense, gender equality and human rights can also be included. Moreover, refugees can be taught through video lectures regarding issues like sanitation, toilet and other necessities to come up with some innovative ideas to resolve these issues.
However, I have some concerns regarding availability of power source to charge Projector mobile. As such communities have no electricity is shortage of power.

Photo of Mudassir Mehmood

Thanks Awais Yaqub for your great words......

Photo of Awais Yaqub

Great idea, i hope it will grow up to something big. We need to take desperate measure to educate poor people, while they are struggling for many things at a time and education becomes first sacrifice.

All the best Awais Yaqub