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Kytabu - The Entire Curriculum At Hand.

A tablet with all the content and audio/visual aids to help a teacher cater for any class with curriculum content for primary & secondary.

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Kytabu is a tablet application that has all the curriculum content preinstalled and indexed together with added value content for primary and secondary schools in Kenya. The application comes with a GSM Sim card and a 16GB microSD for storage of textbooks, audiobooks, learning interactive games and content, a virtual classroom portal, tests and exams portal and edu-app store that hosts additional applications such as Khan academy among hundreds of other apps. All designed and stored in a clean and simple manner, a teacher can access content for any class, teach the content as per the curriculum, or create their own learning plans and tag them to the class for the next teacher or next time the teacher comes to class. With the help of a projector, the teacher can visually integrate a prerecorded learning session as a third teacher through the Virtual classroom option, giving them time to work with a student one-on-one, or assist the struggling students. The tests and exams portal allows teachers to provide students with pre-crafted questions and mark them easily and faster as well as rate performance and quickly analyse the students needs and weaknesses.


Teachers that work in hard-to-access areas such as Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and all their students, both in primary and secondary schools as well as adult learners. Additional content such as that for reproductive health, sanitation, security, current affairs, personal and communal laws and rights are available on the tablet both as text and audio/visual animation with updates.


1. Get sturdy android tablets with all the current content for teachers packed and ready. 2. Reach out to the community of 170 teachers we have worked with in Dadaab for a meet up. Provide them with the tablets and give them a set of metrics that will measure on the tablet. 3. Monitor usage from our backend and engage with the teachers directly from the Kytabu chat application for questions or concerns. The pilots we have done with the application have shown that teachers don't need training to use it. Kytabu is simple and easy to understand or ask for help from a fellow teacher using the application. If we had a month's long pilot, we would A/B test teachers using Kytabu and those that are not to measure the impact, workload, engagement level and living standard improvement (because of personal tutoring opportunities) for the teachers. We would also measure the students with Kytabu using teachers in contrast to teachers that do not use Kytabu.


Kytabu winning the best global startup and the Global Science and Technology summit, part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia,in 2013.

SKILL SHARE (optional)

Partnerships and collaboration as well as human centric design of content.


Born, raised and educated in Kenya, I have been an avid technology entrepreneur but with a passion for education. Being dyslexic in a public education system was extremely difficult and Kytabu is a responce to those challenges for teachers and students. Kytabu is based out of Kenya.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.
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User Experience Map - Kytabu.pdf

The User Experience Map for Kytabu from a teacher in Dadaab's point of view.


A power point presentation on the opportunity for impact and the specifics of the application, its hardware types, the team and the numbers. All of it.


A simple User Interface design of the application screens including the first to fifth screens. The design is simple, colourful and linear for first time device users. The user can access content of different types from each of the applets in Kytabu. Pre-installed content is the primary source of content, though a GSM SIM card is used to add new content at no expense to the end user.

Kytabu Bochure Complete copy.pdf

A descriptive brochure of the application for new users to Kytabu.


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Photo of Tonee Ndungu

Hi Andy, thanks for the compliment. We thought it would be smart to go to publishers with KICD approved content already and get their content on our application instead of going the other way around where we get content first then go through the KICD. We are currently on Andriod and still working on a Windows app before the year end. We also have a webbox (google that) solution that can be plugged into any Tv with composite cables. This is also currently ready as well.

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