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Helping refugees feel welcomed

Educational experiences can help refugees feel safe and welcomed because they don't have to fear being chased after or being banned...

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When refugees get to an unknown country, they are most of the time afraid. Afraid that they may get pursued by the other individuals that ran them out of their country into the new one. They don't know what they are going to do with their lives and most of the time, they just want someone to understand them. Educational experiences can help them overcome this fear because they will be around others like them, they can learn from each other's experiences. A camp/ building organization should be built to welcome refugees from a specific country. Upon arriving, they will have to go to the process of giving all the information necessary to register. Food, education and a place to sleep should be provided to them along with social activities for them and their kids. Tachers, psychologist nurse, social workers should be on site as well. Their jobs will be to make them feel welcome in every aspects of the camp and do everything in their power to help them manage their fears.


Both refugees and teachers will benefit from this idea.


I would count how many refugees are leaving their country, how they respond to the program and how their behavior/ mind set have changed since they arrived.

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Hi Angie! I think your idea speaks up the mind of many refugees around the world. This is exactly a common problem for them. I strongly support this idea. The only concern that I have is that each refugee has different level of foreign language proficiency and hence there might need to be different sessions designed for different categories of them.

Anyway, very cool idea.