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Training and counselling unit for empowering refugee population to optimize their competitive advantages for employment.

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The training and counselling unit for refugees aims at reinforcing the capital that every refugee carries with him/her while reaching Greece. The unit is a space where exclusively refugees shall be empowered to get into the labor market. Additionally, the unit will focus on one of the competitive advantages of the refugee population, that of their mother tongues. Thus, the unit will provide a package of training on professional cultural intermediation that will include among others training on special techniques, vocabulary tools in different languages, methodology on looking for COI (country of origin information) etc. The unit is designed to respond to the work uncertainty that the refugee population experiences in Greece. As the country goes through a very harsh period, with high unemployment rates in general, the migrant and refugee populations are effected first. Therefore, the unit's aim is to identify the competitive advantages of refugees, support their further development and link them with the labor market. Through this process refugees will be empowered to optimize the already owned skills and capacities in favor of themselves, their families and the host society.


Our idea is designed for the refugee population in Greece. Greece is the first country that many refugees reach on their desparate attempt to run away from persecution. As a result thousands of refugees arrive in the country every year. Although in law refugees enjoy the same rights as Greek nationals in reality they are left without shelter or any other support, including state benefits.


As the idea includes mainly the development of tools and electronic data bases, that are supposed to be available directly to the refugee population in Greece, we plan to pilot those deliverables at least for one month in order to assure that are tailor made for the needs of the target group; we intent to measure their effectiveness on different levels such as access, comprehension, sustainability etc. The tools developed for the cultural intermediation will be directly tested by the refugees that will be appointed to work for the training that will be provided by the unit. The rest of the tools that will be developed in order to identify the refugees' competitive advantage and link them with the correct for them professional opportunities (e.g. establishment of private and partnership enterprise, finding employers etc) and provide information and individualized counseling on different bureaucratic issues, shall be piloted for a month with refugees in Athens, Greece.

SKILL SHARE (optional)

We need help on developing tools and data bases that will boost our work while empowering refugee population in Greece. Our expertise derives from the long experience that our organisation has on working with asylum seekers and refugees, as it includes hosting, educative activities, cultural intermedation services and professional orientation. Our team may provide expertise on any of the above fields in relation to the refugee population.


I work in Greece for the organization Society for the Care of Minors (SCM) that has a-10 -year experience working with unaccompanied children, asylum seekers and refugees; SCM offers sheltering, educative activities, cultural intermediation and professional orientation.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.

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