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Moovy - harnessing the Internet for self learning

A video portal teaching refugee how to use basic internet services to learn skills, find jobs, network, access information etc.

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Moovy is a Khan Academy type portal, hosting videos to teach refugees how to use basic internet services like searching, Wikipedia, job searching, social networking, online learning etc. The portal would invite submissions from 3rd parties (e.g. NGOs, UN, refugees themselves) - we will act as a 'curation layer' so only content meeting our guidelines is published. The guidelines are: 1) Videos should be language localized/culturalized, 2) They must be short 3) They must be Andragogical, not Pedagogical. Knowing how to productively use the internet can enable refugees to access relevant knowledge, learn skills, find work, network with individuals going through similar situations, and seek self learning. Moovy is optimized for mobiles, and all videos are low-bit rate, highly compressed so low-end phones can play/download them. Moreover, videos would be ideal for bluetooth transfer. Organized learning in refugee camps faces challenges like lack of teachers, equipment, disinterest due to expectance to return home etc. However, the ability to access the global knowledge economy aka the internet, and the cultivation of a thirst to learn can change the equation.


We plan to run the pilot for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, targeting cities Islamabad and Karachi (cities with highest concentration of refugees). In our next phase we would roll-out to Peshawar and then internationally target Syria.


See a proto of Moovy at (optimized for mobile, targeted toward low income, blue collar working class to teach them how they can improve their lives via the internet). This version is live, but we haven't tested with refugees yet. If we had a month to do that, the top 3 things we'd do are: 1) Interview a sampling of refugees with internet-capable phones regarding their areas of interest. 2) Produce short prototype videos (less than 3 mins in length) based on the feedback received. 3) Test the videos over refugee encampments around Islamabad, gauging interest, user engagement and effects through an online commenting system, follow up interviews and feedback phone calls.


Since a year, we have already worked closely with individuals from a lower income bracket, after which we have 1)optimized video length 2)optimized level of information 3)identified most useful internet use cases to teach, however no such test run has been run with refugees specifically.


I run my own startup, ClubInternet in Pakistan which builds technology to teach people how to use the internet to improve their lives. I also run a school for under-privileged kids with over 200 students where I personally work on digital literacy. Before this, I worked with IBM.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.


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Hi there! Great to have you here. Is there some part in particular of your idea that is new? What are you excited about trying?

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Re: what's new. Good question Rika. This is essentially a MOOC on digital literacy. Here's what's new:
1) All content is Andragogical, that's a huge paradigm shift (if you look up Andragogy).
3) Low bit-rate + high compression can enable feature phones to consume our MOOC as well. You can't do that with the likes of Khan Academy, Coursera, etc.
2) Content will be sourced from within the communities we're serving. This can be challenging, but point 1 will act as an enabler.

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Sophia, We see how you project might mesh with ours, A Full Bowl. We guide people to links like yours by way of a useful kitchen bowl which encourages them to access a global cooperative site for sharing stories like yours. We will follow you and hope you have great success !

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Great to have you onboard! We notice your post is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? We'd love to have it included on the challenge. If you decide you'd like it included, you can publish it by hitting the Publish Entry up there at the top of your post. Or update it first by hitting the Edit Contribution button. Looking forward to seeing more of you on conversations across this challenge...