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Changing Lives... One Minute at a Time

In One Minute uses the power of mobile technology and philanthropy to meet specific needs of women around the world.

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If you could change a life in just one minute, would you? Inspired from my coverage of the refugee situation in Jordan in 2014, the role of women in society is largely swept under the rug. There are many in need, there are many doing amazing things by overcoming their obstacles and all of them deserve a platform to voice their needs. Staying true to my esthetic, I want to tell their stories on a visual platform and in one minute. Then I want the viewer that want to do something more than just hearing their story to do something. They can donate directly to the person (money, mentorship, skill) directly to that woman to their cloud account. Philanthropy is more than just money donation and it is doing something as simple has acknowledging someone in need and doing something about it. Attached are photos of women I've interviewed and have stories that are worth telling and they deserve the help they are not receiving in their current situation. You can also view more at


Any and everyone woman in locations globally that need help and need the extra help in order to empower herself and willing to share her story with In One Minute will benefit. We are beginning in Jordan, where I have my contacts and organizations willing to help get the project up and running. As word has spread, we have people interested in Syria, Ethiopia, Libya, Myanmar and Nepal. It will work.


1. we create the cloud accounts for the women we have Jordan 2. our "dream" team captures their story for the one minute platform 3. we will need a beta group to see the material and test the technology (PeaceByTrade, etc) We have found other startups that are interested in incorporating their company to help In One Minute. It is a matter of finding the right technology that will be accessible in the locations we go and find the stories.


Feedback from those within the countries we intend to go into first has been very positive. Women are willing to share their voice. From experts in the tech industry has been mixed, but leaning towards the positive. Aligning with the right technology and dream teams will be key. The community of those that would view the videos has been positive. So much so that people want to be involved to help.

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Things we need: A dream team tech team and mentor. Expert feedback on a continuous feedback in order to fine tune the concept. The right partnerships are aligning, but can be improved. A prototype of the mobile app in order to test the technology.


I am a freelance journalist with five years of experience. I spent 2014 in Jordan to cover the Syrian refugee situation in refugee camps and host communities. I interviewed women and children in the country and have since promised myself to find a way to help these women through technology.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.


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Hi Shane. I've realized after my time at the camps and host communities that each woman has a specific need. So to group them all into one variable would be doing a disservice not only to them, but also for those that think they are helping them. I would like In One Minute to be the platform that not only tells the story, but does something more. I see contributions being either money, time and mentorship/skill. Depending on each woman's need. For example, one woman may want vocational training. One may donate money towards that, another may donate their time and skill by recording videos for them. These all go into their cloud account. It creates the transparency of knowing that what you are donating goes to the exact reason you were compelled to do something in the first place. Now, this is the area I will need help to figure out the "kinks". We are connecting with women in many countries, gathering their stories and now we want to bridge that gap where people can do something for the person in the story. In Jordan, we are creating a "dream team" and until we gain more funding, we will be teaming up with a local organization for support in regards to man power, facilities and testing out our methods.

Yesterday, we spoke with a company called PeaceByTrade that would like to collaborate with us and although it does give us the option to do the financial donations with ease, we do need the help to figure out the logistics for other forms of donation. I am hoping that with the collective minds here at Ideo we can hone down that aspect.

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Thanks for the idea post Elle! I appreciated your quote about philanthropy being more than just money donation. Very true:) Can you share with us a bit more about how people can contribute to women on the platform in other ways than funding? Also, how might you build out the In One Minute offline community structure?

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Great to have you onboard! We notice your post is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? We'd love to have it included on the challenge. If you decide you'd like it included, you can publish it by hitting the Publish Entry up there at the top of your post. Or update it first by hitting the Edit Contribution button. Looking forward to seeing more of you on conversations across this challenge...