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Build Refugee Entrepreneurial ecosystem

promoting sustainable living and economic growth through enterprenuership

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Dosoc app teaches entrepreneurial skills (online) and build a strong supportive international network as a base for an independent future for refugee. The application has two parts. the first is an educational part that teaches entrepreneurial skills and the second part is the live matchmaking between international experts and refugees that connects refugees in various places in the world to experts. The reason for this idea is that we believe refugees can bring along any kind of education from their past and still not always find work in his or her field when he or she enters a new place to live. But he or she can always set up a business of some kind. So having good skills in this field betters the chances of success. This will enlarge the chances of building up an independent and sustainable living in many different places (as it is unsure where his or her future settlement will be). Hence, we are challenging the status quo of saving refugees passively, the way we challenge the status quo is by empowering refugees to help themselves in a creative way by providing the basic knowledge and the support network to experiment with entrepreneurship.


Internet and non internet young people within refugee communities would get basic education on start-up of the application; downloadable videos, infographs, lecture notes simple, accessible and easily applicable resources to provide basic knowledge. The application is accessible through various internet enabled devices as pc’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


We tested a first rough prototype (paper/drawing) and we did a quick test on an entrepreneur’s festival and from there we made our first adjustment. We need to further refine this and test with experts and refugees. To find out what is the best format is our next step. Four persons of the original team (Selassie, Monique, Shary and Arne) will be staying involved; for now primarily Monique and Selassie as team leads. Following budget we will be able to further test and develop the app and even more importantly get users and get it adopted. For now we need a solid prototype.


We made our first adjustment on the feedback from the entrepreneur’s festival. However, the team lead for Africa (Selassie) asked one Liberia refugee in Ghana (from our target group) about what he could say about the app and the features of it as the team lead printed a colored pictured of the prototyped in PDF to him. The team lead for Africa did not ask him questions directly, but would say things like “and the feature? and benefits? to stimulate more feedback. The simplicity of the app was found to be appealing. He liked that the app connect him to an international support network to guide him set up his business. However, he was of the view that the app need to provide basic education. It is for this reason that the app will provide two function; education and matchmaking.

SKILL SHARE (optional)

We share partner with relevant institutions to provide downloaded and constant access to multimedia video tutorials. We share seek partnership with leading institutions including Kauffman foundation, Arizona state university and the online MOOC’s providers to provide us with tailored courses that meet the needs of our beneficiaries.


We are a group of seven (7) people from the Netherlands, France, Ghana and the United State. We got to know each other through the online course of NovoEd/ IDEO on Human Centered Design. Four persons of the original team (Monique, Selassie, Shary, Charlotte and Arne ) will be staying involved


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