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A Full Bowl

A global cooperative sharing useful bowls, human stories and earth resources while empowering individuals through communications.

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The current global food system is broken and in crisis. Lack of systemic and holistic approaches to our global food system leaves 900 million people with food insecurity, nearly 80% of them living in rural areas. A Full Bowl is a global cooperative startup from Seattle, Washington. As a socially conscious organization, income is generated through the creation and distribution of Parabowls. Both metaphoric and physical objects, Parabowls are useful artistic story bowls functioning as vehicles for connecting individuals and communities as well as for use for every garden and every kitchen. Profits are used to gift bowls and to support relationships with other cooperatives. Donations and other income, viewed as gifts become resources to support other ventures benefiting the membership. Profits are distributed to members equitably based on need. A parabowl is a durable useful tool with two messages. The outside asks for stories about fullness. The inside stories about emptiness. The stories connect people with needs to those who have resources. Prototype parabowls are used as models to be artistically replicated by the thousands. Global service providers supply communications systems.


By number of members, our primary location is temporarily in Seattle. Members share duties in a non-hierarchical process within their home communities and our global community. Our goal is to disseminate widely, equitably and quickly through personal contacts generated through social networking. Our goal is a diverse center-less system based on permaculture principals for instilling resiliency.


Parabowls are full of stories from the very beginning. Each one is easily designed, produced and distributed. Coop members encourage each other to do what they do best. Prototypes are available now. Artists are working now to create new communications and artistic bowls. As a cooperative with members with minimal resources, we are mindful of equitably distributing employment opportunities and profits according to need. 1st year:  Outreach & production of prototype bowls, testing; Design of social enterprise including contacting and contracting with global and local service providers and local resource providers. 2nd year:  Distribution of bowls, observe reception and checking of unintended consequences. 3rd year: Assess sustainability & connectivity, NGO & broader receptivity & next steps. $133,000 for each of the 1st 3 years, with all profits going into manufacturing/distribution. Our budget is based on two sources. The sale of bowls and donations from outside sources.

SKILL SHARE (optional)

We are anxious to include new ideas into this dynamic design process. The scope of this project is intentionally beyond our capabilities. We seek the involvement of thousands.


Our founding team of five students from Antioch University Seattle brought together diverse backgrounds and spent hundreds of volunteer hours designing the core of A Full Bowl.


  • Yes, I have implementation capacity and am interested in and able to make this idea real in my community.


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Yes both project have something similar and we can work hand in hand to make refugees and disadvantage people lead a better life.
This Selassie Amenorhu.
I think we can add ourselve at LinkedIn to talk more.

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Yes, will look for you on LinkedIn. Thank you.

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Hi Ron, thanks for contributing an idea! We'd love it if you might follow the tips in the comment below to publish this post. Excited to see where this will go!

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