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We Love Reading: Refugee-led Reading Circles

Creating read aloud sessions for children on a routine basis in a public space

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WLR Experience Map_0001.pdf

We Love Reading User Experience Map

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This is an article that we had submitted to International review of education special edition on women literacy. We were invited to submit by UNESCO Life long learning representative who realised that We Love Reading is not only about children but adults as well. Although we wrote it with a focus on adult women the same applies to adult men.

Results Amman Intervention june 2015.pdf

Research shows that reading fiction affects empathy positively. WLR has conducted research with Univ of Chicago to assess the WLR model’s to increase empathy in children. The empathic intervention specifically raised children’s generosity by nearly 100%, as well as increasing the amount of empathic concern they felt for another child. Altogether, the results show that emotional reading intervention causes an increase in empathic concern for another as well as greater prosocial behavior.

Zaatari Psycosocial report 2014.pdf

A study in collaboration with Yale University showing the positive effect of We Love Reading on the psychosocial status of women and children in the Zaatri Camp 2014


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Photo of Yazan Jarrah

I believe this is a very effective idea, and what makes it spread is its simplicity to apply wherever you are in the world. And it is one of the tools that helps children refugees to recover from the suffering and violence they have faced in their childhood and become leaders in their new communities.

Photo of James Pointon

That's actually a pretty nice idea! Plus I really like the animation!

Photo of Rana Dajani

Dear Louise
Thank you for your comments. I could not agree more.
Can you share with me the references you mentioned.

Photo of Louise White

This is a great idea.  I have recently done some research into the power of storytelling for a client…some reflections that might help:
Stories are safe places for children to learn about and confront challenging concepts.  Having the support of a storyteller means they share this with someone and don't confront it alone.
A storyteller 'models' a response to a story - children learn from their behaviour and reactions.
Stories help children develop narrative and 'oracy' skills - the ability to relate an experience.  This is helpful for processing things that happen to you, either verbally or internally.

Photo of Thi Bao Ngoc Nguyen

I love the idea about teaching people how to fish as it could foster the long-term impact of this idea. And I think the 'living library' would be more attractive to children and give more access to illiterate people.

Photo of Vince

excellent idea