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Why I don't recycle on a regular basis...

I think the main reason why people don't recycle as much as they should is because there is no accountability placed on the individual when they take their trash out. If I want to place recyclable items in the normal trash I can do so, if I am feeling too lazy to separate the recyclable items from the regular trash. Large multinational organisations do very little to encourage people to recycle and there is limited awareness of what happens if we don’t recycle i.e. marine life dying when they get caught up in plastic. It is too often assumed people are going to recycle because it is the right thing to do. People need to be reminded through advertising on packing of the importance of recycling every time they buy something.

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If we want to increase the amount of things that are recycled we need to create greater awareness of what happens when we don't recycle. In Australia tobacco manufactures are no longer able to advertise their brand names on cigarette packets, images of diseased organs are placed on the packs to reinforce the effects that smoking has on the body. Images of our environment being destroyed should be placed on packing to remind customers of what can happen to the environment if we don't recycle.

If it was possible to use a certain amount of space on the back of a soda bottle for example to show the effect that plastic can have on marine life i feel you would see an increase in the amount of soda bottles that are recycled as there is an incentive for people to recycle the bottle!



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Hi Brad,
a very valid point that widely popular companies like Coca-Cola can do much more when it comes to promoting recycling of their own packaging.
However, I doubt if they would ever come up with an actual image on their product of what damage does it do if not recycled properly. Visual imagery does not have great affect on usage/consumption patterns (for example: Cigarettes).
It can definitely magnify the recycling logo on its bottles so as to promote it.
Another interesting alternative is the video that Quincy has linked.

Cheers Mate!

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