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What if objects were designed to have another life?

Some of the things that we buy are already designed to have a second life, after they have been used a first time. What if the objects we buy and use allude to the second life they would have if they were recycled?

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We have already seen examples of objects being reused and given a second life that they were not initially designed for (e.g. this packaging box was not necessarily designed to become a robot suit). But what if objects were actually designed in a way that facilitated their second (and third, and fourth) use?

I bought this 2014 calendar that strikes me as having great intentionality in how in can be used once each one of the months is over. The calendar itself was printed on recycled paper, and the pages can be reused (and are designed as such!) to become pillow gift boxes, bookmarks, cards, etc.

What if the most common packaging items were designed with an intentional after-use?

And thinking about the recycling value chain, this makes me wonder: what if objects were designed in a way that alluded to what they could become once they were recycled? 

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Nice one! I often make stuff with cool, old paper / card packaging – but I love how this nudges even more people to get onboard + helps them think about the ways in which many other items could be reused. Love your provocation about how we might make potential up cycling more evident.