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The Rapid Packing Container

A simple corrugated shipping box designed to reduce waste, ease opening and packaging saving on manufacturing materials and easy to flatten for recycling

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Two engineering students at Cooper Union have designed a simple packing container design that easy to assemble and disassemble. 

This design could petentially save time in assembly and reduce the waste becasue it uses lesser material for manufacturing.

The product can easily be flattened to store or recylce. It can also be reversed so that an already shipped box can be reused for shipping.   


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Hi Mansi,

That is a great idea and an excellent video. I foresee a potential problem with getting cardboard manufacturers on board. They will certainly make less money if they make less cardboard. How can you sell it to them?

This is a bigger question which may not have an answer. Great idea nonetheless.


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Hey Michael,

Actually the cardboard manufacturer would have little to no say in this. Usually how the packaging industry works (and this is from experience)
- Packaging manufacturer buys the cardboard in bulk
- Packaging manufacturer creates the dies to cut the cardboard into shape
- Company gets packaging from the Packaging manufacturer

So basically the packaging manufacturer likes it because for the same amount of raw material he/she can potentially make more boxes.

The cardboard manufacturer is usually unconcerned with what you buy the cardboard for just what you use it for. So really the power of cardboard manufacturers in the packaging industry chain is very low.

Hopefully this makes sense

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