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The Art of Rubbish

Why not upgrade the modern day trash can and turn trash into treasured rubbish? We should turn the trash can into a new and improved product that captures the value in organic waste and where people could also make art or try to imagine who someone is by looking at their bins.

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Think of Andy Warhol who created art from soup cans. Or John Chamberlain who gingerly smashed automobiles into priceless sculptures.

This got me thinking... what happens when we dispose of trash? We typically drop the items into a big black hole and forget about them. Then maybe a few days later we tie up the plastic bag in which our disposals lay wasting away and drop the bag inside an even larger can or down a trash chute to eventually find itself in a big truck that is wisked away. Why? What if we exposed our non-perishable goods and food items, into art that lived and breathed outside in our homes or apartments or all to see? Could we make art? Could we find beauty in something that's considered so ugly? 


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