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Raising Awareness Through Education

I think there are many ways in which we can inspire more households to introduce a basic recycling system/reduce the amount of waste produced in general. The website, has some very usefully information that can help others understand some basic steps families, businesses, and schools can take in order to turn the practice of recycling into a habit.

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This particular website,, offers many resources and even has a Recycling Guide Book that can be downloaded for free. There are many great ideas here, and I think it is a good place to start. I believe this may act as a catalyst to help develop further thoughts and ideas on this subject. The website was created by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority & Alameda Country Source Reduction and Recycling Board, location California.  

The guidebook includes suggestions on how to prevent excess waste as well, such as stopping junk mail and brinking your own bag to stores. Other areas of the book educate the general public about what to do with hazardous waste, recycling electronics, universal waste, and plastics.


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Great share, Nicole. Makes me wonder how we might get this kind of info in the hands of folks who aren't as proactive as you. On another conversation on this challenge, it was suggested that real estate agents could give info out to new tenants and home owners. What other opportunities do we have for spreading the word? We're excited to see what canny concepts folks will come up with on this issue in our upcoming Ideas phase. Hope to see you there!

Photo of Nicole Santarsiero

Thanks Meena, yes I think there could be many options for spreading this information on to various communities. Posting information in town/city newspapers, and even having town halls participate in distribution (could be both physical and electronic hand-outs). It is important to raise awareness in creative ways, I will definitely be thinking further on this!