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Overcome the knowing doing gap: How to convince people to take action!

In education we often ask ourselves the question, if we're smart why we can't get anything done, commit on changing our lifestyles for good and take actions if we know that we'll benefit from it..

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According to research from Standford professors Pfeffer and Sutton, people love to talk and think about solving problems but lack motivation to really take an action. One of the biggest problems seems to be that doing something means learning and learning means mistakes. 

Transferred to the challenge: Most people are aware of the importance of recycling but do not take action. A main problem might be that they never learned how to recycle and are overwhelmed.

Therefore, when designing solutions we need to keep in mind that they can handle mistakes, foster learning, and build a culture of action. 


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Interesting points. Some time people tend to think and talk a lot, but they do not do what they said. It is true that there are a lot of people being lazy or lack of motivation to take the action. I used to often watch some kind of encouragement video which can make me have a high motivation to take the action. However, after several days, I fell lazy again, and do not want to do anything. Therefore, the motivation is the key for taking the action. I think this idea will help us to gain the motivation to take the actions.

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