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Economic Incentives and Reward Systems

Economic incentives influence behavior. Specially when the consumer gains or accrues a potential reward for repeating behaviors. The reward needs to be real, adjusted to local currency, a self reinforcing loop. A simple concept most often obfuscated with reward points that are not perceived as concrete. Recycling habits can only be reinforced by individual action (by example), corporate responsibility (by providing tools) and government support (benefiting society). The desirable habit potential efferent and afferent pathways are complex and influences by complex feedback loops.

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  1. Brand Centric Reverse Vending Machines. [Input Example]
  2. By turning waste into valuable raw materials, recycling creates jobs, builds more competitive manufacturing industries and adds significantly to economies. [Processing]
  3. Recycling [Input] can be commoditized and paid per market value dictate by a local economy. [Better explained]
  4. [Recycling Commodities exchanges]
  5. Economic Efficiency of Pre-Sorting at home vs. randomized sample at [Land Fill]
  6. The energy spent on transportation, removal, sorting and management by cities is to a degree efficient, although can be optimized by improving the pre-sorting at origination points (home)
  7. How to keep Technocentrism in check? Now more than ever, people in more advanced societies have sublime believe that technology will solve their problems. Recycling is more complex and goes beyond technology as tools. We are talking about waste types in which the volume can’t be process by any urban technological solution in any city and undeniably is depended of material recovery facilities.
  8. How to keep Slacktivism in check? Making buttons, labels and technological fad to make people feel good is not enough. The real impact is measured in quantification. That only is manifested by action. Action by the individual, through corporate responsibility and by government. All the components of society.
  9. Incentivized microtransactions that over time add up. (logarithmic growth real currency value)


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Really like a lot of your thoughts David. I think that incentivizing those that aren't as invested in recycling as most folks on this site are is a good start. Once people develop the habit of recycling, they'll justify the behaviour to themselves even as you slowly reduce the incentive. For that reason I wonder if things like incentivized slacktivism might not be such a terrible way to start?

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