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Cheap lubricant from vehicles

For a long time I had been in search for a cheap lubricant to be used at home to reduce minor friction, wear and tear of metallic parts. One day a vehicle mechanic offered me a thick black oil to be used as lubricant without charging me anything for that. Later I came to know that, the lubricant was a residue which he had collected from the vehicle engines which came to his garage for servicing.

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Can I re-use a section of the waste I emit from my vehicle ?

India has a huge section of riders which rely on their 'two-wheelers' for communication and minor load carrying. These engines can be divided into the 2 stroke and 4 stroke two wheeler and three wheeler engines which run on petrol. 4T lubricants are used in engines across the nation as engine coolants. 4T lubricants need to be replaced every year for the longevity of the engine. The 'burnt' 4T oil which the engine expels is usually disposed or sometimes used by the mechanics themselves as  a lubricant on the vehicles they repair. Who used expelled engine oil as lubricant for the first time is difficult to ascertain, but  burnt engine oil as a lubricant is a highly popular phenomenon in India.

By not disposing the waste if we recycle it, the thick oil can be used as a cheap lubricant at home. It can help minimize small metallic squeaks of doors and windows, in reducing friction of bearings and wheels. This helps in increasing the life of the by-product of my vehicle and offers a quick and inexpensive solution for household lubrication.


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