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Our Four barriers to recycling at home

Having been discussing the idea of this challenge for the last 18 months, I have been conscious of how we recycle. It's also how long we've lived in our current home. Here's the things I've noticed over that time about the barriers we have to better recycling.

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Our barriers to better recycling as a family
  1. Family agreement. Between my wife and I, we passionately believe in the cause to recycle better, but unfortauntely other values inhibit our progress e.g. we don't compost because it's just another thing to do, plus it's smelly.
  2. Aesthetics vs Sustainbility. Our bin system just isn't particularly inviting. Both our own bins inside and the ones the council provide aren't very easy to use, nor nice to handle. I keep wondering 'How could we design a more user friendly bin system?' 
  3. Packaging is confusing. Blended packaging still confuses me. If it's cardboard plus plastic, do I need to separate them? If it's a silvery lined plastic container is that ok? Tetrapac's milk cartons? 
  4. Conflicting priorities. When we're juggling both our boys and managing busy schedules, priorities shift. How can we make it more tangible to people that each and every action counts, especially when there's scarce headspace to think long term?
During this challenge I'm going to try and make some small changes to our system and I hope to share back with some (more attractive at least) photos of my progress. What's your system for recycling? What works and what doesn't for you?



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