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Making it easier for the consumer

Can more accessible recycling centers increase the amount of material recycled?

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If you haven't heard already, there is a plastic island growing that is twice the size of Texas. It is built of plastic that doesn't deteriorate and is un-recycled because of the inability to melt and re-create into other products. Although there are recycling centers in grocery stores where cans can be refunded for deposits, would making recycling efforts more accessible to consumers increase recycling materials. Many cities don't provide curbside pick up. If towns were able to do this more, more recycling things could be collected to keep it off the streets and places where it doesn't belong. In addition to offering more curbside services, increasing knowledge about recycling centers would be helpful. Most consumers are aware of recycling efforts but if designated places were well-known then perhaps we could match supply with demand.

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We need to double the recycling deposit and make it easier to collect your deposit. Another solution is towns can offer money off tax bills based on the amount a household recycles

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