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Ecomuda It is a Green application

From my place i'd love to Help the environment and i think my idea could Help.

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Eco Muda it is a online trash which Help the household to manage their waste in order to Help the environment. Ecomuda is a Green application that collect the trash online . So how it Works? So by getting this application, anyone who will  throw a trash ,he Will go to the app and type the kind of his trash  ( anykind of trash,plastic,food,old thing ,fruits,clothes , other things,)that he will  throw it in the garbage ,then  he will  find a lot of recycling ideas or if one other is interested or association in that garbage or if it was a rest of food he will find receipes of how he can recook it. So Everything is recycled. By this app people Will receive a notification of how much they rescue the environment and it Will truck their progress.

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Nice Idea, I suggest connecting people using this app together, in order to share the knowledge and ideas about what they have recycled.
Additionally, people can see the results of each other, and each month the app can send a report to each person reporting the total recycling acts by the pool of people that are connected to each other. In this way people can stay motivated using the application.