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Tamagochi (digital pet) that fed/powered by recycling

This is primarily target for kids, but also open for any age group, and eventually influence to the whole family to recycle. The idea is a digital pet/game that feeds by the amount of material you recycle. The recycling bin collects/weights your recycle materials and turns those into game credits under your account, you can play/feed the pet by using those points. The pet will grow as being taking care of/ fed by you/ your recycles. Hopefully, kids will act like “promoters”, to promote recycle within the family, to get more points for his / her pet/game ( taking care of the pet) and thus influence the family to recycle.

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Explain your idea in one sentence

Tamagochi (digital pet) that feeds by the amount you recycle, measured by an “online” recycle collector bin, and saving the recycling credit onto your pet/game account.
It works by:
- Having a digital pet, with an account on apps or on an actual device or a barcode.
- Recycle bin that links the amount (weight) & type of recycle to your account/pet, with an interface that recognizes your account by scanning your device or key in your account nr/ login info. Optional: add some jackpot element into the credit system to add surprises.
- Credit system that turns the amount you recycle into point to play/feed your pet.
- The digital game itself! Or link with it current major popular digital pet game/ apps. That will be able to “show” the care you give to the pet/ environment.
This aims to link the recycle habit to a game that is irresistible. I think it will work with digital pet as:
- Digital pet is known for being addictive, needs constant attention, investing for long term ( Linking to "forming" a habit),
- It really felt like taking care of a pet ( Similar to the idea on taking care of our environment)
- Your pet looks healther / happlier and you level up while you recycle more ( Happy/sense of achievement)
- And you could show off to your friends / link with your friends in the game. ( Sense of achievement & Community ) 

By doing so, the kids will naturally forming the recycle habits and also influence the family members & friends to do so.

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

It builds on the irresistible gaming habit.. and provide incentive to do recycling.


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