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Recycle Points for Charity!

This is based on a model that was already created by the organization, "Terracycle" The idea is that participants can go to a store (such as Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.) where an organized recycling system is present. Once the items have been dropped off, you receive points to a special online account that each individual can start with Terracycle. These points can then be redeemed in order donate to charity. Some examples include points to provide clean drinking water to a community, helping feed those experiencing food insecurity in the U.S.; among many other initiatives!

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A point redemption system that can be started within various communities, which would help raise money for local charities.
The idea is based off of the TerraCycle program, and would consist of redeemable points that can be used towards helping low-income communities. The difference would be an organized community effort could be implemented.  Instead of having a collection area at Home Depot, towns could participate in once a week collections where volunteers drive around to collect recycled materials. Once the materials are collected, they can be brought to a center such as Terracycle where the products can be redeemed to help a charity. This becomes more of a community effort and may motivate an entire group of people to get involved in a social activity.

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Great thinking to leverage this existing platform, Nicole. Could be cool to have a go at sketching an Experience Map to explain the process further. Get more details here: We're excited to see what you come up with!