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Promotion about recycling in community

Do some promotion about recycling like hand out booklets and put up posters in community to let people know the importance and necessary. The booklets and posters are mainly about why we should do recycling and the details about how to do the recycling at home.

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We could build up a promotion team to design a serious of booklets and posters about our theme 'recycling'. 

The promotion materials could be diveded into two parts. Part one is about why we should do recycling at home, we could give some numbers, facts, graghs and charts to show what's the situations like now and what difference we will make if we take some small measures. Part two is about how we could do recycling at home. We could give some easy and basic ways of how to seperate recycling and nonrecycling trash, how to take advantages of used things and so on.

Then our volunteers could hand out the booklets and put up the posters in the neighberhoods. So residents could have a sense of recycling and what they could do.

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I like this idea of raising awareness. I think it might also be neat to create books targeted for kids with different activities in order to educate them about recycling.