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Global Brands Challenges: Be a recycling hero and get the chance to win incredible prizes!

Create a win-win situation between brands and customers through online brand platforms and reward the best participants of short and long term challenges. This incentive would improve people recycling habits through exciting challenges and provide corporate social responsibility opportunities for brands as well as increased loyalty by the participants. From the weekly recycling champion winning a $5 coupon to the year recycling hero winning tickets for the next Olympic Games or World Cup.

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Explain your idea in one sentence

Incentives for people to recycle through brands platforms organizing challenges and rewards.
The main idea behind this project is to create a win-win situation between brands and customers with the outcome of better recycling habits. Global brands would create online platforms, accessible from different devices (computer, smartphone...) in which recycling challenges are organised. This can be applied to all big consumer products brands (Coca-Cola, P&G, Danone, Redbull...). As these brands sponsors many regional and international events and also have always launched many loyalty campaigns this would be an easy set up to create.
The way this would work is that through the platform, short terms and long terms challenges can be launched in order to constantly motivate participants as well as keeping them recycling on the long track. For example short term one could be getting the most of this brand products recycled within 10 days. A longer one would accumulate every short term challenges on a year basis so that everybody, especially the most constant participant can be rewarded. The quality of prizes would increase depending of the type of challenge. For example, from a 5$ coupon to FIFA world cup tickets.
People will win by having a stimulating time participating in such challenges, get better recycling habits and potentially win great prizes. 
Brands will win by promoting the corporate social responsibility and motivate people to buy their products to be part of the challenge.



Teammate Rob Han highlights the importance of social aspects and motivation by bringing interactive ideas and the use of social networks

Teammate Mengyuan Chen is pointing out the educational aspects of such challenges by changing people habits after participating on the platform

Teammate Rami Karaki highlights the necessity of a strong and smart promotion campaign so as to reach as much participants as possible.

Teammate Ashegan Mudeliar points out the need for monitoring these challenges and suggests the use of codes being scanned through the app to measure the participant implication.
This suggestion and concern on monitoring challenges made me think of the use of short length videos such as Vine of participants throwing products in recycling bins so as to make it more interactive. This acting by showing method would increase the impact of such challenges. 


After all the insights provided by teammates, a clearer model has been developped to make this campaign efficient:

- An online platform combined with a mobile app developped and customized by brands willing to participate.
- Various kind of challenges, from short term individual ones to long term team ones. Range from regional, national, global scope (adapted to brand marketing strategy and target market). Prizes of different kind depending on the type of challenge. 
- The use of social medias as publicity but also to monitor challenges with short videos (Vine, Instagram...) in order to make it more visual, more participative and show good behaviour. These videos could be collected by brands to make a video campaign in parallel of the challenges.
- An education campaign that aims at increasing environmentally behaviours while rising brands public image.When industry and people team up to change the world.
- Competition between brands from market orientation to environmental impact orientation. Which company will get the most participants in its challenges?   

Make it social, make it sustainable! 

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

By giving incentives to people and make them participate on exciting challenges on the long term this would alert them on the necessity of recycling.

How might you design an early, lightweight experiment to further develop your idea?

This idea should then first be launched by one big brand (Coca-Cola) and then encourage other big brands to follow this movement to create a better overall recycling system with their customers.

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input of our OpenIDEO community?

This idea could be nourished by other brilliant ideas on this platform that would improve the technology of the platform, strategies of the campaigns and challenges.


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Photo of Alessandro Prati

Nice idea Antonin! How would customers proof that they eventually recycled the waste? Photos, bar codes etc?

Photo of Antonin Jirou-Najou

Thanks Alessandro! So the idea is to use a combination of both bar codes, for an exact quantitative assessment, and short videos (like Vine) to show the participants throwing products in recycling bins.

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