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Dirt World

'Dirt World' is a simple Alternate-Reality-Game modelled after basic adventure board games like Dungeons and Dragons, that provides children with multiple game tasks to steer them to ways to reuse, recycle or innovatively use waste.

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Explain your idea in one sentence

An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that helps children develop great recycling habits in a fun and competitive way.
1. There are already recycling board games. Mine takes it a step further, makes it more immersive, experiential and practical 2. Simple ARGs are relatively easy to design, and because a lot of their elements are based on elements of current adventure board games, its every easy to advance from a board game platform/game mechanic to an ARG, and this also makes the concept easy and quick to understand by both the players and the game moderator. The Reuse of the already available board game elements of other games is a plus. 3. Because the game is about recycling, all the pieces used to manage the game (including the leaderboard amongst other materials) will be reused material from other board games and other items. 4. Since this challenge is sponsored by CocaCola, they can send out the clues, directions and other information needed to guide the process of the game incrementally, as is usually done in ARGs, through the crown corks/bottle covers and the bottle wraps. This would help lead to an increase in sales of the product during the game period. Also cocacola can leverage on its global presence to make the game a global experience for children all around the world.

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

Making it an ARG is best especially for children because they tend to learn best when they are actively involved experiencing a concept not just through rote teaching, and they have a vivid imagination so it'll be much easier for them to imagine out and act on the fictional elements of the ARG plot.

How might you design an early, lightweight experiment to further develop your idea?

We could start with listing out the most basic of recycling agendas. Then start with old board games like monopoly and dungeons and dragons. Ask children who are familiar with these games or any other board games, to try to act out elements of recycling and see how they can represent it on a board game. Majority of the time will be spent observing how children go about the basic activities. From there begin to develop the ARG experience.

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input of our OpenIDEO community?

Literarily everything! Many questions abound like: what would be the key elements of recycling to consider, what would be the game mechanic system used to represent the game data (would it be a solely digital system, or analogue system, or a combination of both?), what would be the best forms of rewards for the players (will points and badges and leader boards be enough? Will it be intrinsic or extrinsic rewards or a mixture?, etc), what would the tasks be composed of? If the game is to be global how would we be able to customise the tasks and goals to the requirements of different cultures? How would we gather global volunteer support to help port the system in various languages of the different cultures, would this game be played solely at home, or in school, or a mixture of both? These and more are questions that would need answers.


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