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Triple approach. More than Triple benefit..!!

Recycling is a great idea, Let's multiply its effect by first 1.REDUCING consumption and 2.REUSING stuff, e.g. beverage containers. Before recycling these are 2 behavioural changes that have a much greater positive impact on our environment and society: Only after we articulate the potential of Reducing and Reusing, Recycling will be in a scale that can be managed by consumers. Right now waste is far too much to be recycled. We need breakthrough solutions for household waste (packaging, paper, metal, bottles, food, glass) that include responsibility of all stakeholders including corporations.

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lets approach the consumer (i.e. all of us..!) saying "the challenge is big, but we can do it.! we have done great things before, let's do it again.!"
and in order to recycle in a way that works, lets first question our consume habits, what are the products that cause more waste? can we substitute them for others? what is stuff that we REALLY need? lets start reducing what we buy. it's good for your economy, its good for the planet!
then think, from the things that I have, what can be reused? cloth bags instead plastic bags? reusable glass soda containers? 
THEN, yes! lets recycle what is left..
I have used this approach in my house and recycling is a lot easier.. it is less quantity and more recyclable things.. like food-compost, glass, tin, paper.. 


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thanks openIDEO, done!

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Great idea, let´s start buying less, questioning our consume habits. This impact more directly!! Thanks to helping me see that...Sounds pretty simple but I was completely focus on recycle. I´ll start today and share. Less is more!! Less things to recycle, definetly is MORE!!

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