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Used Book Recycling

A lot of children love to read books, and it is interesting to read book. Parents like to encourage their children to read more book compare with to watch TV. It is a good habit to learn more knowledges. But what we could do for those book if we finished it? Recycling!

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There are several ways to do the book recycling:

1. Donate it to library
We could donate our book to the local library to let more people learn knowlege from the books like you.

2. To do the exchange
People could exchange their book with others in their communities. Through the book exchange, children can make a lot of new friend in their neighbourhood to exchange new ideas of the books.

3. Sell your book
A lot of people selling their books online, such as Amazon, Ebay. They could get some money back or use the money to buy more books.

4. Give for free
Give your books to some little kids to let them have fun reading it. And also help some kids who cannot afford it to have a different live compare not to read at all.

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What else do you think we could do more to recycling books?


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I think to share books with others people could let kids to learn more staffs not only from books but also from other kids, and also could make friends with them. It is a great idea to share thoughts with one book, if there are several books, it could make more value than only one kid read it. Nice idea.

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Thank you for like my idea. It is true that to let kids share book and share thought could make more value of that book and also benefit for kids and also their parents. I am glad that you like it.

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