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Smart Bin Concept

One of the key issue we discovered in our research phase was that, people who live alone have problem with amount of waste being produced. They normally have large bins at house and have to wait until the bin in full leaving the house smelly and unhygienic. Secondly, there is no way to alarm them when the waste is full and they need to dispose it. With this concept we want to support and motivate people to throw their waste on time.

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Explain your idea in one sentence

Design that helps people to improve the household situation (amount of waste produced), and customized based on personal prefrences for waste disposal
How it will work?
The concept consists of two factor: 
  • Grabage bag with social message: The idea behind using social message in the grabage bag is to motivate people and make them feel that they are contributing in making the envirnoment better. 
  • Smart Bin: Smart bin consists of sound and light sensors. Using sound sensors that it makes the playful sound when someone throws the trash in the bin not only gives them the idea about how much the bin is filled but also makes possible that people don’t have to put there head near the smelly trash bin. Secondly, using the light sensor with the beep sound can help users to get a reminder that the bin is full and it is time to dispense the trash to the outside container. 
Why do you think it might succeed?
  • It will work for both large, small family as well as people living alone as one adjust the indicator how much each family or individual wants the bin to be filled and get reminded 
  • Work well with people with disabilities such as hearing impariment with functionality of lid color turning into red when it is full, as well as visual impariment people with the beep sound to let them know that the trash bin is full

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

This concept can help people to dispose their trash on timely manner due to the reminder. Social message in garbage bag might motivate them and might help them to feel responsible for making environment better. Playful sound and interaction can motivate people to use the bin more often.


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Great Experience Map Prina! We also think your idea could work well in tandem with these ideas: + Given collaboration is the name of the game here at OpenIDEO, we hope you might reach out and collaborate to grow each other's concepts. Creativity loves company!

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Thanks Meena for the links. I will definitely check it out the concept and see if we can collaborate :)