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We all have many shoes and clothes, and some of them are just stay the place they used to be and we might not ware it too much or we don't want it anymore. So how can we do for those shoes and cloth?

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To make the clothes become a new thing! A lot of people make bags, scarf, new style of clothes, and shoes by using their don't-wanted clothes. We could even use them to make flowers, rugs, and bolster to decorate their home. 

Sometime people could post their clothes and shoes online on their fackbook page or other website to exchange them with others and mail them to some one and get the clothes and shoes that they wanted from otheres. It could also make friend online.

Nowadays, more and more people love to go to the secondary market to sell staffs and buy some thing they wanted at very little price. They usually go there to have some fun and to enjoy the way to buy and sell things to kill the time.

In some low-income or poor urban area, they don't have enough money to buy new clothes and shoes, they usually get them from the donation that come from all over the place. If you have more clothes and shoes you don't want any more, you could just donate them to those people, and they will happy to receive them from you and very thankful. Also you will feel great when you help others.

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

Here are also some links you could read about the clothes and shoes recycling: Recycled Clothing -- Spring Cleaning Alert: We Know Where Old Clothes Go to Dieā€”and the Numbers Will Shock You -- Why Recycle Shoes and Clothing? --

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I saw a lot of my friend doing the D.I.Y. to make their clothes into a shopping bag, which is amazing. I always want one. I like the idea of to donate it to people them it to support them as much as we can. I sold my clothes online before to get a small amount of money, which is better than nothing. Love your idea!

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Absolutely ,it is amazing, I also try to make one bu myself. So we can use it instead of using plastic bags to supermarket or anywhere. It can be more environmentally friendly, and it will not affect our health. Besides, I hope that people can enjoy the process of making, it not only can stimulate our imagination, but also can practise our DIY ability. I also agree with your point sold clothes online to get money is better than nothing.