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Let's build it!

What we could do to let kids have fun and to do the recycling at the same time? Could we let kids build their toy by using the bottles, clothes, papers (they don't want staffs to build new one)? The answer would be yes!

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I saw a video about let people use the empty bottles and paper boxes to build a boad to play and I think it could be a great idea that to let kids build their toy by using their don't-wanted clothes and empty bottles and other kind staff to build a D.I.Y. toy by theirselves.

Their parents could save a lot of money on buying a new toy for their kids and also could let their kids to collect their old staff and make it become a brand new one. 

It could improve children's ability and creativity, but also to make some scrap waste become useful as well. It not only can improve the intelligence of the children's untapped, and let kids love to do the D.I.Y, but also to better do the recyclilng.

For example to let kids use clothes to make a plush toy by use everything that they could find at home, or build a vase and flowers by use the bottles to be a decoration in their own room. And also to D.I.Y. their old clothes to make it different and uunique for them.


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Exciting thought-starter, Fei! To help you develop your idea further, check out these handy tips:

Photo of Congmin Liang

It is a great idea to let kids to build their own toy and clothes by using their old staffs and also could do the recycling at the same time. As you said, they could also build the boar in a small version to put it into swimming pool and play, which is also works. I think to make their own unique clothes is more attractive for kids, because they always want something different that other people didn't have.

Photo of Fei Xin

Thank you so much, Congmin. I was totally agree with your point. The kids should be feel funny to D.I.Y. their own toys and clothes by themselves. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Photo of Nicole Santarsiero

I like the approach you took on this idea. The more technology develops, the less children are prone to be imaginative and it is a shame that creativity is not being exercised in kids like it used to be. This idea is great because it fosters creativity while promoting good recycling habits at a young age, so thanks for your input!

Photo of Fei Xin

Absolutely agree with you point. Thank you so much!