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Instead of getting money for recycling, PAY with recycled goods

We are familiar with the concept of getting money for recycling, but let's face it -it won't make us richer. But what if you could buy a can of Coca Cola with it? or something else that you need? People often enjoy getting something for free, rather than getting a small amount of money for something that they did. Collecting recycled goods will be like money in you wallet, and you'll actually get things that you want and need in return.

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Use recycled good AS money in grocery stores, kiosks and department stores.
The idea is that big stores (grocery chains, department stores etc.) will sell goods in return for recycled goods (plastic bottles, papers and more). They will then collect it all and recycle themselves / pass it over to a recycling company. In this situation everybody wins - 
The consumer is trading the recycled good for something he actually wants, the big store is selling goods and doing something good for the environment and the recycling company is getting loads of recycled  goods that might otherwise go to the regular trash.


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