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Decrease the plastic bag using.

When we go shopping, the most bag we use and get is the plastic bag. Plastic bags are widely used in various fields, especially in the purchase of goods, and businesses tend to use plastic bags purchased items. There are also some businesses choose to use paper bags or other materials bag. But the plastic paper bag is not relatively environmental protection compare with other material bags.

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In China, they do use plastic bags when people shop, and they do use other material bags. But when they go to the supermarket, the market will charge consumers' money if they want to use the plastic bag. They could bring them own bag to take their staffs home.

China encourages people to use the plastic bags, and use paper or woven bag. This is both environmental protection and can effectively prevent the white garbage pollution. This is a very good method to reduce the pollution of the environment.

But in the United States, they use a lot of plastic bags during their daily lives, which is not good for our environment if we throw it way or let it on the streets. I also know that the paper bag is not that strong as plastic bags , espcially when it meet water. But it could be recycled easier and without any toxic chemicals. If you think the paper bag is not strong as you need, you could use the woven bag, which is also could be reused many times as you want.

So, let decrease the number of the plastic bag we us, exchange it with woven bag!


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Absolutely agree with this idea. We do need to get in to the habit of using these woven type bags (or even reuse old plastic bags) when we know we are going grocery shopping, and as you have mentioned supermarkets need to charge if you would a plastic bag. They do that already in South Africa, so hopefully they can introduce this in Australia now too.

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I am glad that you feel the same way about this idea. I think we should let more people to understand it why we need to use the woven type bags, and to advertise it online, in magazines, newspapers to encourage them stop using the plastic bag.

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Hi Liang: Great idea, in fact I was commenting almost the same on one of my threads on this platform, how in most Indian cities, people just don't like carrying traditional cloth bags while going to shop in supper markets or supper malls, and if asked they take it on egos and also finds it out of fashion ( at least that's what I experienced), funny yet true, but thankfully that has not been the case in parts of peri urban pockets.As Australia adopted, countries like India too have to fast track this and adopt it a as norm, and not just Corporate Social Responsibility.

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