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Coke Bring Bag: Reimagining the Home Recycle Bin

Made from recycled PET coke bottles, the Coke Bring Bag helps contain and transport recyclables while being itself recyclable. Pick-ups and drop-offs are easy: Coke Bring Bags can be picked up from any local Coca-Cola Bring Station or most super market registers for a small deposit or offered free with any purchase of a Coca-Cola six-pack or more. To drop off, simply leave your Bring Bag curbside, empty it in your recycle bin and save it for reuse, or bring it to one of Coca-Cola’s Bring Stations for collection.

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Explain your idea in one sentence

Coke’s recyclable Bring Bag is a flexible PET plastic recycle bin solution that helps you return or dispose of bottles and cans.
The Coke Bring Bag is made of PET fibers woven into a highly liquid resistant mesh. Much like pop-up laundry hampers, it’s light, cylindrical and collapsable, making transportation and storage easier for consumers and distributors. The bag’s flexibility allows for it to be dynamic within the user’s space––making space constraints within smaller apartments, hallways, closets, or car spaces less of an issue––while the bag’s liquid resistance keeps small drops and odors from cans inside, away from clothing and household surfaces. Being recyclable, the Coke Bring Bag does not require a municipal recycle bin to be present onsite to be collected. Coke Bring Bags containing cans can simply be left on curbside for collection and recycling with bottles, or returned full to any local Coke Bring Station. While made of plastic, this bag is far from flimsy: its sturdy canvas weave allows potential for multiple reuses. Even bags heavy with bottles and cans left on the street are at low risk of breaking open. Use of the bag is incentivised through purchase of Coca-Cola beverages: offers of free or heavily discounted bags. At its core, the goal of the Coke Bring Bag is accessibility and flexibility. We believe that the best solutions to encouraging recycling in home make it accessible to majority of people while versitile enough to fit within each user’s constraints and needs.

Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

1. The Coke Bring Bag offers a more widely available, flexible, and affordable recycling solution than current municipal plans, particularly in urban areas such as apartment complexes, offices, and schools.

2. It is only minimally reliant on existing infrastructure.

3. It's offered at point of sale, connecting the package with its projected end-point from the moment of consumption.

How might you design an early, lightweight experiment to further develop your idea?

We sought early input from users, via suggestions for their ideal home recycling bins. Findings from this revealed that users sought a bin that was personal, functional, clear to use, low maintenance, and of physically variable sizes. From a culmination of these ideas and feedback, we created our design.

Next, we’d like to hear from users responses to using pop-up laundry hampers as recycling bins for cans and bottles. Going through a service flow or picking up the hamper from a local store, as if it were an authentic Coke Bring Bag. What was that experience like? What about it was convenient or inconvenient? How did the user feel about the size and feel of the Bag in his/her home, garage, car, office? If the user could change the materials the bag was made out of, how would it look and feel?

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input of our OpenIDEO community?

User feedback! We want to know how this would or would not work for you in your home. What would you add to made it easier to get ahold of and more fun to use? Knowledge on material limitations of PET. Feedback from designers on effective collapsable or adaptable forms, either made of recyclable textiles, or other recyclable materials. What is it like working for Coca-Cola Enterprise on the sustainability effort? What challenges have you faced in distribution or reception of your current bins?


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A friend of mine just referred me to this. Just love it! Reminds me of how we can not only learn how to recycle more, but also reuse. Also speaks to me as resonating with the ethos of the Coke Bring Bag in looking at how we can PET bottles can be recycled and reused in novel ways:

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