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Building a LEGO world : We are all little Architects

I heard this idea one time before, and this platform is the best place to make it real : Why not building a lego world with our own bottles ? -> Change the packaging of a classic Coca-Cola plastic bottle (PET 50cl, 25cl, 1,5L) into a lego piece

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Explain your idea in one sentence

All bottles looks like the same Today, but is there really a norm ? I want to create a new range of bottle which looks like a Lego brick, and all bottle could merge so as to create structures.

We are all little Architects.


When you were a child, you played Lego and create our "own" spaceship, our "own" car, out of your imagination.

<> And Today's children still love Lego. Lego Video
<> And you as an adult still love Lego. That's may be why you play again now with your children... or you found the video game Minecraft so fascinating ! Minecraft Video
<> And may be you did spend some time building a Christmas Tree out of beer bottles (*But that's another point, please drink responsibly*) Christmas Tree Video

The norm of the packaging for our plastic bottles isn't unchangeable.


Coca-Cola consumers could build structures if all Coca-Cola products (Coca-Cola Red, Zéro, Light, Fanta, Sprite, ...) looked like Lego pieces : PET 50cl, 25cl, 12,5cl, 1,5L, 2L, etc. They would even take photos and share their "trophies" online. From a marketing point of view, the potential virality is big. Also, if we add a purpose to a product, we put away the price in people's mind = growth of sales

For the collectivity, collecting and sorting would be easier because already done. This triggers off that for recycling indutries it would also be easier.

My vision :

going to Disneyland with my family, all drinking Coca-Cola products and then building as a creative activity something from the ground (a tower, a car, ...). Take a picture with all my family in front & share it online. Be proud. Leave the construction like this, on the ground. Wait for other people to use our pieces for their imagination, all day long. At the end of the day, people responsible for cleaning Disneyland would collect altogether the empty plastic bottles, one shot !


Describe how your idea would help form new habits and improve recycling at home

That's a clever nudge to gather all plastic bottles together; collection / sorting would then be easier => better recycled This system would be fun for the consumer, i.e. it widespreads

How might you design an early, lightweight experiment to further develop your idea?

Only ask Children to play with it : if they like then we'll all like. We are all old Children...

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input of our OpenIDEO community?

Think about a SWOT of it. And mostly about the threats (changements of "Contour" bottle consequences ? ...) Develop this idea also : consequences for the collectivity & for the recycling industry.


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Photo of Robert James

I love this! (I also love LEGO so I may be biased through ;-) It'd be great if you could differentiate between a 'normal' brick and a recycled brick. Perhaps with an exclusive colour... or even shape?

A unique brick would allow for a whole series of new LEGO buildings to be created and, in turn, create a whole new design vernacular. Take for example a cylindrical brick? or a hexagonal brick? Imagine the sorts of houses, motor cars, bridges and sculptures people could create using them.

Showcase the new types of buildings with a 'call for submissions' or exhibitions or partner with an established one like Design Week or 100% Design

Photo of Meena Kadri

Exciting thoughts, Alex. Perhaps you might have a go at making a rough mock-up of these? Check out what one of our other OpenIDEATORS has been up to: We don't think you need to go that far – but it could be interesting to play around with sketching out what shapes would suit both modular parts (like Lego) and a vessel for holding fluids. We're excited to see what you come up with!

Photo of Alex Bdr

Thanks Meena :) To my mind, before looking at the design, it should be important to understand better the channel / people's need : what I see, it works perfectly for a leisure park for instance, however it is more challenging if you pu it in the fridges on households... That's why making a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) and then focus more on the consumer journey should be interesting to be able to provide an efficient mock-up. What would you recommend ?

Photo of Meena Kadri

As always, I'd recommend that you jump in and try something out to help develop your idea further – especially if you can do so in a way that includes potential end users in the conversation / prototype / analysis. If you're keen to have a go with a SWOT analysis, knock yourself out – we're excited to see what you come up with!

And here's more human-centered prototyping tips:

Photo of Fei Xin

It is an excellent idea! I like the idea to building a lego world with our own bottles. and "Change the packaging of a classic Coca-Cola plastic bottle" It can reduce pollution of plastic bottles for environment. Nowadays, more and more companies considered that sustainability, so use lego instead of plastic, it is good way to protect our environment, and more environmentally-friendly.

Photo of Alex Bdr

Thanks Fei :) My point would to still have plastic transparent bottles, but the form of the packaging would change from a classic "bottle" form to a "lego" form (not sure if it was clear in your comment)

Photo of Nicole Santarsiero

This is an interesting concept. It definitely would be a good visual/promotional scheme to raise awareness about recycling. I can picture structures displayed in public parks and areas with high traffic. It could be a sort of movement to encourage recycling.

Photo of Alex Bdr

Thanks Nicole :) what would you recommend ?