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Attractive Recycle Bin Designs for Any Space & Any Style (DIY or Ready-Made)

A barrier to recycling seems to be the lack of attractive recycling bins that blend into the interior design of one’s home. For those who enjoy DIY projects, I searched for simple, but solidly designed DIY solutions. This includes options that parents can build with kids. And, for those who prefer to purchase ready-made solutions, there are a variety of bin options for them.

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To encourage people that all kinds/styles of recycling bin systems exist & that to find a style that suits your home and/or personality you might have to expand your search for other types of storage systems (and just repurpose those systems to recycling bins!)...
Home recycling bins are a type of storage system. So I searched for both DIY (Do It Yourself) home storage solutions & for simple, sleek ready-made storage solutions. Some of the most creative storage solutions are for children's toy storage. Any of these storage solutions can be repurposed into recycling bin solutions. I tried to find a range of styles for the range of tastes out there. And found some fun ideas on types of bins to build with your kids.

Take a spin through the images section of this post to view a variety creative recycling storage solutions out there. Below are links to the showcased bins.

If anyone builds DIY bins, like Alper did, keep a record of the materials you use and the steps taken to construct the bin. Post it online so that others can replicate your bins! -- The end goal would be to collect and post a range of easy-to-build bin styles that appeal to any home decoration taste like: mod/contemporary, rustic/traditional, vintage/retro, industrial, international, and for the kids’ room. Try creating easy bins for kids to build. Or, try building out of recycled/upcycled content. Basic reqs would be:
  1. The steps to build the containers must be easy to follow and to replicate in as few steps as possible–so that anyone at home can build the bins
  2. One must create a system where multiple items can be recycled (ie, plastic, paper, cans, glass, cans, etc.)
Companies and sites like Recyclebank, UpcycleThat, IKEA (etc) might be interested in publishing (or even selling) those ideas.

This post builds on Meena's and Alper's "at home hacks" ideas, Tom's "reuse and recycle with the kids" idea, and the many ideas of the creative Etsy community who are building cool recycling bins and items out of recycled content.


IKEA big bag bins:

Children's bins:

Storage systems:

Small space recyling & DIY:!PPB4d,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

Colorful, mod bins:


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Having recycling bins that fit in with the style of one's home and/or with one's personality will encourage people to recycle. (Vs being stuck with unattractive bins or no bins at all.) Getting the kids involved will heighten their awareness of recycling.


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Hi again Leigh!!  The results are in.  The UCLA study is complete, and my patented, decoratively versatile recycling bins DO Change habits and increase recycling!!!  Wooh, hoo!  :)  As soon as the study gets officially written up, all I need is a media campaign and an established manufacturer who want to be the "Levi Strauss" or "Band-Aid" brand of the behavioral change.  I targeted the two factors that hold down recycling practices, and the results are spectacular.  My mini-company, BinBisa Supply owns the design and proven results & and I'm dedicated to give 1/2 of all proceeds to an educational campaign towards changing mindsets and habits.  There's no one else out there with my passion and dedication.  Would you like to help build the movement and get my prodeuct into stores?  Contact me at 209-747-0865 (Please leave a message if I don't answer. I'm a school teacher by day, and I don't answer during class, but I'll get back to you when the school day ends.)  Or you can get me by email at     

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