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We all run, prostesis

Elements of rehabilitation using Nike Grind materials.

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This project improves the life quality of people who do not have the necessary resources to acquire a good quality elements as prosthesis and rehabilitation products.

Which Nike Grind materials will your idea utilize?

  • Rubber Outsoles
  • Laminated EVA Foam
  • Laminated PU Foam
  • Mixed Footwear Textile
  • Synthetic Leather

How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?

The materials have different objectives, to begin with are the materials that are close to the body of the person, these materials improve the comfort of the person at the time of his submission of the prosthesis, and have inside a soft area that helps to receive the impact when walking. Another important objective is the aesthetic, we consider that the prosthesis is powered as well as it is made by an aesthetic factor, which can be achieved with the same materials that use Nike tennis.

Please include a visual (can be either 2D or 3D) representation/prototype of your concept. (required)

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Research & Early Testing

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

Our main target audience are people who can not afford a prosthesis of good quality, for this reason it is planned that more than an object, it can be more a service where the beneficiary from small costs can afford not only the prosthesis but also different services among which are the anthropometric measurement and maintenance.

How will you scale your idea? Please describe in detail your plan to scale your concept.

How is your idea innovative?

Usually the manufacture and the materials to make a prosthesis are quite expensive, with this proposal, we hope an advance in the inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday activities. Also, in the design of service we including state organizations that facilitate a greater long-term sustainability of the product/service due to his concern in Colombia for example, for the resurgence in the post-conflict.

What inspired this idea?

The inspiration of this idea was born from the reality in our country Colombia and others more than by situations of armed conflict have a high population in disabilty condition, in addition to this, there are non-profit organizations that from recycled material wants to make aids to the population.

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

We are students of Industrial Design.

In what city are you located?


In what country are you located?


Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept.

Being a top idea, will allow the advancement of the project to an advanced prototype phase, the integration of a more complete and thoughtful service, and the happiness of many people who could think We all run.


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Photo of Arturo Rincón Avilán

I like the frugal innovation focus of this project, it’s important for people living in development countries as Colombia, to be able to buy or get one of these for cheap, as it gives them the opportunity to change the prosthetic easily depending on their needs without having to pay too much for it.

Photo of Kimberly Castro

Thank you for your comment Arturo.

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