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Interactive Installations - Nike Grind Neurological Spot

We educate people on how products are made, in the other hand we provide a social & creativity space to inspire people on recycling.

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Educational Neurological Spot - Where everything emerge and everything converge (sustainable ideas, innovation, creativy, human motor performance, dreams)  We try to offer spaces for people where they can learn more about processes and materials, providing education we believe people can create their own creative process, thanks to Nike we can handle this project to show and educate how their products are made. 

Which Nike Grind materials will your idea utilize?

  • Rubber Outsoles
  • Rubber Flashings
  • Rubber Granulate
  • EVA Foam Injection Scraps
  • EVA Foam Flashings
  • EVA Foam Sheets & Blocks
  • EVA Foam Components
  • Laminated EVA Foam
  • Laminated PU Foam
  • Mixed Apparel Textile
  • Mixed Footwear Textile
  • Footwear Fiber "Fluff"
  • Full Grain Leather Scraps
  • Split Leather Scraps Coated
  • Synthetic Leather

How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?

Each module use the materials that are related to the Nike Product for exhibition. The puff seats are made of different gring of rubber and EVA materials. The walls of the installation are base on EVA and mixed footwear textile. The using of the materials it can be fit by a metallic structure or MDF structure where we can attach the different materials to it, the process it will be the follow one: First to define the product to show, then analyze which materials are linked to the product for educate people on how is made, then we create the structure and mix the grind materials in order to show the characteristics and how is linked to the product to be show. We create a simple form structure to make a concept of Ready To Assemble prototype light and easy to transport.

Please include a visual (can be either 2D or 3D) representation/prototype of your concept. (required)

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Research & Early Testing

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

We focus this project to all sports lovers & Nike fans, artist and designers, all of them will be benefied by having an experience on how products are made and how important is to show the importance of sustainalbe efforts and ways to improve our environment. We want to create educational spaces for creatives and motivate people to generate ideas.

How will you scale your idea? Please describe in detail your plan to scale your concept.

We offer to place this interactive installation based on customer experience and education at any public space, nike stores, shopping malls. The main point is to show how products are made and show how sustainable cycles are executed. The project can be scale with help of Nike interactive installation with any sports season or sports special events around the world, the process to elaborate each installation module are simple & efficient, the propaganda of this project attach and empathize customers to concepts of creativity and innovation for sustainable projects. This installation transmit and share a vision of the importance of education-technology-society-environment as on element.

How is your idea innovative?

Our main innovation is in the concept of INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION, where people can see how Nike products (helping us by showing their products) creativity process is made with different fields and collaborations such as sports stars, artist, designers, at the same time the products (the result of this creative process) is show in terms of how materials are applied on it. On the other hand our innovation is how to stimulate & inspire people to create new ways to use Grid materials.

What inspired this idea?

Society & environment are our main inspiration. The idea comes from how nature create their own circular waste free model and the infinite ways nature represent it as an example of this we took the Motor Neurones. We are inspired on education as the best way to create concern about our tomorrow

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

We are two industrial designers with a background linked to education, product & service design and research.

In what city are you located?


In what country are you located?


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Photo of Lauren Ito

Hi Damz&Tadeo ,

Great to see you in the Challenge! Could you please provide more content for the submission question, "How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?" How might you begin to turn the raw Nike Grind materials into your final product? What might that process look like step-by-step? How might you prototype with these materials?

Additionally, I did want to ensure you were aware that the goal of this challenge is not to source concepts that Nike would bring to market under their own brand. Rather, the goal of this Challenge is to support innovators in creating their own products and ventures using Nike Grind materials, but independent of Nike, with the potential for partnership.

With the deadline fast-approaching at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, please ensure all of your final updates are completed by then.

Excited to learn more!