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Grindin' Mouse Pad

A mouse pad made out of recycled shoe materials.

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Cal Poly SLO

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Which Nike Grind materials will your idea utilize?

  • Rubber Outsoles
  • Rubber Flashings
  • Rubber Granulate
  • EVA Foam Injection Scraps
  • EVA Foam Flashings
  • EVA Foam Sheets & Blocks
  • EVA Foam Components
  • Laminated EVA Foam
  • Mixed Apparel Textile
  • Footwear Fiber "Fluff"

How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?

The bottom of the mousepad will be using all rubber materials to have a high friction surface to minimize movement of the mouse pad during use. We plan to use a thin layer of EVA foam as filler for comfort and laminated EVA foam for the top layer as high-quality, low friction surface. For our customers’ wrist support, we plan to use a fiber-fluff filled pillow wrapped in mixed textiles and stitched to the top of the mouse pad.

Please include a visual (can be either 2D or 3D) representation/prototype of your concept. (required)

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Prototyping

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

Most consumers who are actively looking for a mousepad will generally look for the highest quality mousepad. However, our target market consists of those who haven’t used mouse pads because of cost or perceived ineffectiveness. We plan to supply large groups, such as schools, companies, or libraries with cheap but useful mousepads. They will greatly extend mouse life and act as preventative measures for carpal tunnel syndrome in our population.

How will you scale your idea? Please describe in detail your plan to scale your concept.

Our end goal is to create a high performance and recycled mouse pad that can compete with other top performers. At the moment we can only create low quality product but our hope is to continue researching and prototyping to get to our goal. Once we do we will have a top performing mouse pad created with revived materials that will appease to desktop users and green consumers. We will start at Cal Poly and then move on to other campuses and public institutions through Cal Poly’s contacts and alumni. We plan on selling in bulk to schools (elementary to continuing education), calling centers, internet cafes, and other centers that have many desktops at their disposal. One of our greatest obstacles will be creating a smooth surface on which to move a mouse. We are looking at advanced machinery to improve our product quality and user satisfaction. In response to our surveys, individuals most commonly brought up this issue.

How is your idea innovative?

We’ve used the human centered design process in order to create this idea with a circular economy in mind. We are using low quality, cast-off materials to create a product to fulfill a need that we perceive in our community.

What inspired this idea?

We noticed that our school has a lack of mouse pads in all computer labs and libraries.

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

We are undergraduate mechanical engineers of Cal Poly SLO learning about and utilizing the design process.

In what city are you located?

San Luis Obispo

In what country are you located?


What is your legal / organizational structure? (if applicable)

College Students

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept.

If we become a top idea, we will garner the necessary funds and advice from top minds in order to help us move on with this project. As college students we look forward to improving the design as well as improving our own design skills because we have much more to offer. Growing alongside of our product is our goal as we realize that we are have a lot to learn from experts and this is a great opportunity to build on ourselves and our idea.

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