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3 in 1 Survival Backpack

Innovative human centered design for misplaced people.

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My 3 in 1 survival backpack is to use as a survival aid for misplaced people who are homeless. From the backpack stage it unfolds into a hooded weather proof coat and from there it will extend into a hooded warm and cozy sleeping bag. It is a portable outdoor aid shelter in one solid product.

Company / Organization Name (if applicable)

Rays of Wire art jewelry by ilona maria

Website (if applicable) Pinterest raysofwire, insta_raysofwire

Which Nike Grind materials will your idea utilize?

  • Rubber Flashings
  • Rubber Granulate
  • EVA Foam Injection Scraps
  • Full Grain Leather Scraps
  • Split Leather Scraps Coated
  • Synthetic Leather

How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?

Nike recycling materials can be used in my design as a filler padding, insulation and structure durability, and providing weather resistance and comfort.

Please include a visual (can be either 2D or 3D) representation/prototype of your concept. (required)

3 in 1 survival Backpack (shown as it unfolds into a sleeping bag and than adjusting into a warm coat. by ilona

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Research & Early Testing
  • Prototyping

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

My target market will be misplaced homeless people and refugees who face harsh weather conditions on daily basis. Living and surviving in difficult weather conditions can be life threatening. My design product idea will work as portable shelter/hooded weather resistant coat/sleeping bag all foldable into one backpack. An aid for those vulnerable people until they are settled in a permanent residence. No-one ever deserves to be homeless and right now this is a global issue.

How will you scale your idea? Please describe in detail your plan to scale your concept.

When I win this challenge I will form a team of industrial seamstresses we will manufacture a few workable prototypes. I have several ideas and a patterns for my 3 in 1 Survival Backpack. I have 4 years of experience in industrial sewing and pattern making of clothing and accessories. We will distribute my first working prototypes to the local Utah shelters and ask for feedback. I will create for a nonprofit charitable organization. My product will be given out to the homeless and misplaced people. Start locally and expand nationally. Later, when my company is grown on a global scale my product will be sold to outdoor enthusiast. I will scale my concept by donating my 3 in 1 survival backpacks to needy people everywhere. The obstacles might occur that it will take few trials and failures to build this backpack. At the same time two additional issues will be addressed; animal welfare by using recycled leather and decrees pollution by using recycling textiles that Nike will supply.

How is your idea innovative?

Innovative technical design, three functional items convert into a one compact solid product design.

What inspired this idea?

I saw all these misplaced people who were struggling, and I felt a deep urge to do something..

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

I am a fine artist, who makes wearable art jewelry/accessory designer, I am also a small business owner, and have had a few patents pending on my health and exercise equipment designs. My past experience lies in clothing and accessory pattern making,

In what city are you located?

Salt Lake City

In what country are you located?


What is your legal / organizational structure? (if applicable)

Small business owner.

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept.

This can be the new must have go bag and an essential item to misplaced people. And my partnership with environmental awareness Nike Company, together we can lessen this problem of homeless people, and make this world a better place.


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Hi Ilona,

A reminder that the ideas phase of this Challenge closes in less than one hour, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Please have your submission updated by this deadline with content to all proposal questions complete.

Excited to have you in the Challenge!

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Thanks Lauren for reminder my idea has been complete since I have published it .

Photo of ilona

Every one needs this 3 in 1 survival backpack.