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Quit Smoking and Save Ecology

No matter how you will give up smoking, you will do good for you, people around you, and environment.

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Since the first Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health in 1964, it hasn’t been a secret that tobacco consumption is dangerous. It causes heart disease, heart attack, stroke and various kinds of cancer. In fact, there are hundreds of ways in which this habit could harm an individual.

Ask any smoker, and they will tell you that they want to quit it. Still, nicotine addiction can be too strong to overcome it on your own. Medicine offers a few methods to help people start a smoke-free life. They include cognitive-behavioral and nicotine replacement therapy. But many people managed to drop the habit using the newest alternative to smoking. 

The switch to vaping allowed lots of smokers to refuse from regular cigarettes. This option is a lot healthier than tobacco. Besides, here vaporizers are available in a wide range. 

No matter how you will give up smoking, you will do good for you, people around you, and environment. Yes, the place you live in also suffers from it. 

Air Pollution

Second-hand smoke reduces air quality. Each year, smoking globally emits about 2.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide and 5.2 billion kilograms of methane into the atmosphere. Scientists even blame it for climate change.

The CDC reports a series of studies which prove that smoke-free laws that ban smoking in indoor areas of worksites and public places improve the quality of air. It is beneficial not only for human beings but for the flora and fauna as well. 

By the way, any kind of dry herb vaporizer is safer for the atmosphere than a traditional cigarette. Vapor doesn’t contain the chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Streets Pollution

Cigarette ends are the most commonly littered items. Almost 5 trillion butts are littered each year all over the world. 

To combat the problem, the city of San Francisco even had to impose a tax of 33 cents on every pack of cigarettes in 2009. It was justified as a way of forcing smokers to pay for cleaning The City’s streets of cigarette residues. Out of $44 million San Francisco allocated annually on litter removal at that time, $10.7 million were spent on cleaning the streets and parks from cigarette leftovers. 

Discarded butts are such an important issue because they may present health risks to infants and toddlers who can accidentally consume them. This may lead to vomiting and neurological toxicity. And if a small pet mistakenly ingests a cigarette litter, it may suffer from tremors, vomiting, and respiratory failure and even die.

If you use a herbal vaporizer, you don’t have to throw any garbage on the streets every time you finish your vape break.

Water Pollution

Smokers often throw cigarette butts into the lakes, rivers, seas or oceans. Unfortunately, seabirds, fish, and turtles sometimes ingest them along with all the toxins. Tobacco contains more than 4,000 toxic chemicals.

What is worse, the butts swell in the stomach and the animal may feel false satiation. The litter can stay in the stomach and lead to infections, starvation and death. 

Soil Pollution

Contrary to popular opinion, cigarettes don’t biodegrade. The filters are made of cellulose acetate, not cotton. It takes up to 12 years before each one of them gets decayed. So, butts end up scattered all over on the land and the toxins leach out harming livestock.

Farmers know that a prosperous farm is a natural habitat that represents a balanced ecosystem. When the harmful toxins from butts get into the soil, they can adversely affect vegetation, which is bad for the animals. 

Domestic animals can consume these butts out of curiosity or by mistake. The tobacco toxins and remnants can cause sickness and can even kill the animal.  

Final Words

As you can see, smoking is extremely damaging to the environment. Both smokers and non-smokers should make efforts to avoid further pollution of our planet. Since a cigarette butt is one of the most common forms of the world’s litter, the best way to solve the problem is to reduce the number of smokers. If you are one of them, you have one motivating reason to leave off your useless habit.

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