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GREEN CUP (live paper)

My purpose is to help raise a sense of concern for the environment in people.

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Technology Creating

Manufacturing process includes grinding of finished paper products with the addition of water to obtain cellulose masses, in which the seeds are added then. We receive sheets of paper which further go to the manufacture of making paper cups.
As a result, we obtain a highly ecological product.

Plants and benefits

As an impurity, you can use seeds of flowers, vegetables and berries thus these seeds are very small and

easy to use in manufacturing. Being pollinating plants, wildflowers help bee populations, they also

help create habitats for birds, butterflies, insect and other creatures.

Usage scenario

1 After using the cup on the application you can take it home. Plant it in a pot with earth or outside in the garden, water and put in the sun. Take care of the plant, watching the seeds grow out.

2 After using the cup on the application you can leave it in the same place where you bought the drink. The room will be equipped with a “green wall” for used cups. Green plants harmoniously fit into the interior.

3 After using the cup on the application, when you take a drink to go and drink it on the road, in certain places of the urban environment, eco-bins will be installed for organic. City services will clean the urns, and in their places will appear flowering bushes. Eco-bins will be located not far from the places where there are places where you can buy a drink in a cup. Thus the city will begin to plant greenery.

4 After using the cup on the application If the eco-bins were not there, it is enough to throw the cup in the usual bin. Together with the rest of the garbage, the cup goes to a landfill, where, under the influence of rain and sun, seeds can grow out. The paper will begin to biodegrade, there will be no waste, flowers and greens will germinate to benefit the Earth.

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